In Search of the Id (For a Healthy Mind)


The Id is often identified with the irrational, animalistic instinct, which, if left unchecked, will try to sway people into behaving in an egoistic, un-cooperative and antisocial manner, causing ruptures in the social fabric and leading at times to the surfacing of enmities and potential conflict.

One recognizable trait may be, obsession with the opposite sex, and with mating and procreation, giving rise to the playboys and playgirls of this world.

Such behavior may not be uncommon among teenagers, but after a certain age, such tendencies must be viewed with skepticism, and as a sign of unhealthy influences inside the brain, although different cultures may have different social norms, levels of tolerance and leniency, especially toward those without spouses.

Here are some general suggestions for keeping a healthy mind.

1. Exposure to Sunlight

The Id is like the vampire “Count Dracula” from the movies, and weakens by exposure to light, especially to sunlight. Accordingly, make a conscious effort to go outdoors and expose the head to sunlight, sunbathe and sanitize the body and mind with the powerful rays.

(1) To enhance the effect, make a conscious effort to aim the sunlight directly at the “anterior fontanelle” toward the front of your head, that used to be the soft cavity during early infancy.

(2) Cock your head to let sunlight pour into the ears (especially the right ear), the throat and nostrils.

2. Physical Exercise

(1) Activities that are not sedentary, that use the muscles actively to move the body, are always led by the Ego, and one of the best ways to thwart the Id is by physical exercise; the Ego should reassert control over the Id by actively moving the body, as in sports, gymnastics, dancing, walking, etc.

(2) It is best to use muscles on both sides of the body for full control of the 2 hemispheres. Tai-chi, the slow-moving Chinese exercise based on the martial arts with emphasis on breath control, seems to be devised for this purpose, and results in a masculine sort of disposition.

(3) Sometimes be on your hands and knees, lower the head in relation to the haunches or hips. This will shift the circulation of blood in favor of the prefrontal cortex, where the Ego resides.

(4) In this context, manual labor involving physical exertion, that may include household chores (washing, cleaning, carpentry, plumbing), looking after children and the elderly, taking care of pets, gardening, shopping, etc. should have the same effect of allowing the Ego to be in control over the 2 brain hemispheres, by way of muscle movement according to plans laid out for the day. Cooking is an interesting alternative, as the Id may show interest, although fraught with the risks of using fire and kitchen knives.

Such tasks may be considered repetitive, boring and demeaning at times, but they may present some of the most natural, constructive and affordable ways of getting daily exercise and for maintaining standards of living. In fact, considering the benefits of TV and radio programs enjoyed simultaneously, simple, manual tasks may be much better for mental health than to lead a quiet and sedentary life by remaining seated in front of a computer screen over long hours.

3. Vocal Cords and Tongue

(1) The Id needs to control the vocal cords to engage in brain chatter and an obvious way to prevent this is to use them for yourself by speaking out loud.
If you have trouble throwing your voice, exercise the fingers on your right hand to transfer the Ego to the left hemisphere, wherein lie the language areas used in everyday life.

(2) The tongue is another organ that the Id needs to control for brain chattering, and it should be helpful to move and exercise the tongue even when not having meals or drinks; if the tongue is neglected or left unattended by the Ego, the Id may start to hamper conversation by interfering with pronunciation and prevent enjoyment with the sensation of taste by impeding tongue movements for either purpose.

4. Indoors

(1) Make sure the room is well illuminated.

(2) Be as active as possible and use the brain with heightened tension and spatial awareness. Try turning on the TV in silent mode and listening to the radio at the same time.

(3) Use a balance chair (that makes you fold the knees) to straighten the spine and to relax.

5. Breath Control

Breath control is important in terms of maintaining spiritual health as it helps the Ego to assert control over both brain hemispheres. In fact, people with brain chatter may be aware that the Id seems to lose touch and suspend brain chatter momentarily, when a full breath is taken to inhale air.

(1) Abdominal Breathing

The following method can be suggested for relieving stressfulness and achieving peace of mind.

(a) Fully inhale through the nostrils.

(b) Pop the ears as if trying to adjust for air pressure, on an aircraft rapidly gaining altitude.

(c) Hold the breath and count to 3.

(d) Exhale fully through the mouth and try to make the abdomen push forward in the process.
(At the same time, let out your voice in ahs and oohs, if possible.)

(e) Pop the ears once again, then hold the breath and count to 3.

(f) Inhale, go back to (a) and repeat the process.

(2) Yoga and other Oriental Practices

In this vein, try oriental practices that cleanse body and spirit, such as Yoga, Zen meditation, body massage and Shiatsu. Hot yoga can also be effective if it suits your taste.

6. Posture

(1) A good posture always helps human relations, regardless of your mood or disposition; before approaching people to speak to them, make sure that you project a bright, forward-looking image with a lifted face and straightforward posture.

(2) Oddly enough, moving and exercising the fingers (or the toes) seems to help, as finger (or toe) movement on either the left or right side somehow raises the head upwards, almost mechanically.

(3) Draw the chin in and keep your gaze straight forward. This will help you keep both cerebral hemispheres under control. A sideways glance is not recommendable unless necessary, because it leaves either hemisphere vacant and vulnerable to exploitation by the Id, so that the general mood and ways of thinking come under its influence.

7. Moving Facial Muscles

Each of the facial features that come in pairs are controlled from each of the different brain hemispheres so that, if they are moved in alternate fashion, you will be forcing the Ego to continuously move back and forth between the 2 hemispheres, as if engaged in calisthenics, and this will hopefully unclog the corpus callosum connecting the 2 hemispheres.

(1) Eyebrows and Eyelids are controlled from the brain hemisphere on the opposite or contralateral side. Move them or blink them alternately from left to right and vice versa.

(2) The left and right sides of the lips and the mouth are controlled from the brain hemisphere on the ipsilateral side. Twitch them alternately from left to right and vice versa and this will have a switching effect on the Ego’s location within the brain.

8. Optimism

(1) Continuous use of the left hemisphere for logical reasoning often leads to dark, pessimistic conclusions due to narrow-mindedness and a very limited time perspective.

Accordingly, one should consciously transfer the Ego to the right brain hemisphere, where grasp of space, time and human relations are more important, by deliberately exercising the hands and feet on the left side.

(2)A pessimistic outlook or prediction for the future will lead to nowhere because the Id, with its tendency to consider the Ego as a rival and enemy, will never fail to take the opportunity to exert its influence so as to create a “self-fulfilling prophecy” out of a dark, nihilistic outlook.

In fact, the Id will always try to play the role of Cassandra, sowing the seeds of a sense of futility and powerlessness, with the aim of bringing inactivity and laziness, leading to eventual discord among associates, isolation, and emotional devastation.

A conscious effort must therefore be made to keep an optimistic outlook on life to keep the Id under control. Whatever dark ideas may come to mind, they must always be negated and replaced with a brighter and more constructive view on the world you live in.

9. Boji Stones

Use a pair of Boji stones to change your mood and reset your psychological balance. For extra help, place the smooth female stone inside the right ear and the rough male stone inside the left.

10. Backside Communication

The subconscious mind (Id) has a need to connect and associate with its counterpart Ids in other people, to exchange greetings and ideas to find out how the others are feeling; when this is missing, the Id may feel a strong sense of frustration that may force it to go wild, just to vent its feelings.

This urge to socialize on the part of the Id can be satisfied in the company of other people by intentionally exposing the back of the body to the backsides of other people in close range. The reason must be that the subconscious minds or Ids talk to each other most efficiently via the spine at the center of the nervous system, where the nerves are most densely connected and are close to the body surface.

So, at home, choose a parent, spouse, partner or any other member of the family, friend or guest who happens to be present. Be close at hand, wait for that person to turn his/her back to you for whatever reason, then turn your own back intentionally, so that the backsides face each other, as if to shake hands and say hello.

When this is arranged, then click or turn on an imaginary switch in your mind, to tell the Id that it should start socializing. Hold that position for a while and just let things happen. After this session, the Id should come out rather exhilarated, after the joyous experience of connecting with its counterpart Id.

In turn, this should improve relations between the conscious minds or the Egos, and so that the trick can be used to calm things down in times of family trouble, to avoid unnecessary brawls or even occurrence of DV.

This back-to-back communication can be practiced outdoors, even with total strangers, without the need to say hello beforehand, and is recommendable for those who may feel isolated and at a loss on how to connect with other people, as it may serve as a preparatory first step, prior to the exchange of words and greetings in the real sense.

In Search of the Id (For a Healthy Mind)

In Search of the Id (For a Healthy Mind)

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