On your back.I LOVE YOU (PartⅢ)

On your back, I LOVE YOU (PartⅢ)
{Works, attached to fiction, the contents are fictional, the facts, there is a different treatment}

Harmony and Level is the first time to ride the airplane, how to wear a seat belt also, I did not know. TAIRA is, pull the table from the side of the seat, to the cabin crew, many times had asked for a drink. "If a lot of drink, money I pay full" Harmony is a, he said worried. "To drink many times, I'm Free" TAIRA is and, she said. Harmony and Level of drink who knew the free in-flight service, again and again and order a drink. Harmony and Level is, from the window, the Manila city that looks to the under eyes, was watching with round eyes. Two people, all uncommon, was excited. Only becomes invisible sea of clouds Harmony is, it take leaning on the shoulder of TAIRA, fell asleep holding hands. Her sleeping face, was full and happy. Three people are armed and the remains of MASAYOSI TAMURA, and photos of your farewell meeting, the remains of the parents of Harmony and Level, arrived in Japan. To the airport, TAKEI business CO., Executives of LTD, was welcomed. And "cold! Cold!", And surprised is Harmony, he said. Two tropical grew up is, at the airport, when you get into the car, the remainder of Japan's winter, I was surprised to cold. Three people are, TAKEI business CO., Executives of LTD came prepared, the winter clothes of GIEMON, to wear in the car, went to the house of YASUZOU. When you enter the front door, YASUZOU is, examples of a sharp eye, and come out "TAIRA, welcome back", says, "Come, waiting he was" in Harmony and Level and, said. Harmony and Level is, "you become indebted. Father's, thank, thank you," immature "is Harmony" in Japanese "is a Level," said he said. Clothes of YASUZOU is, the gangster era change and rattle, was all GIEMON brand. Three men went up to the parlor. Of housework engagement, YOUKO and AKI is, the tea and sweets, brought to the parlor. YOUKO, which had the lads and the household of the old TAKEI business, chubby AKI, was unmarried. Look at the Level, two people with the "good-looking I" in the kitchen, was talking. The Harmony and Level, has been mixed even blood of the Spanish system. YASUZOU in the parlor is, "wife to TAIRA is a beautiful woman. Baby Do yet? We are working hard? And ", it referred to as" Do brother's handsome ", said. TAIRA is, in Harmony and Level the Japanese do not know, while shy, was interpreter. TAIRA is, show a photo, to YASUZOU, and your farewell meeting of the remains, and the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd., and the Philippines GIEMON shop, the current state of the local, spoke in great detail. Harmony and Level, because Japanese do not know much, and YOUKO and AKI in a different room, was toying with immature Japanese. Previously, the mansion of YASUZOU, but lads was there many, and those with household married, a person who enters into, such as dormitory of the company, reducing the number of people, but now, of YASUZOU and YOUKO couple and AKI, It had been made to only four people. YOUKO couple, but was thought to live at home, when the family is small, and because the lonely, the idea of YASUZOU, had been living together. YASUZOU is "I also a old man. Any, you want moved to firefly of the house. But, to cute TAIRA is, back home I want you to come to Japan," said, was revealed of the chest. TAIRA was surprised. Until now, YASUZOU is, as "cute" things myself, that the said, until now, had never heard even once. My Dad, my children as well, I was thinking. And, keenly aware, my father also, and Do was getting older, I thought. TAIRA The "Once you have established the foundation in the Philippines, home always", he promised. Evening, TATHUNOSUKE husband YOUKO is, TAKEI business CO., Returned home from LTD, as a "senior managing director, Welcome back", I came to say cafeteria. Harmony and Level is, in YOUKO and AKI, had learned how to use chopsticks. For the first time in a long time in the number of adult meal, YASUZOU was a big smile. At meal finished, everyone, was in turn began to take a bath. Harmony, the Philippines as well, and take a bath together with TAIRA, but was thinking, TAIRA is, because there is all eyes, were reminders that it is useless. After a while, AKI that the "control where there is no bathtub" to come back to the living room, said. But the work of Level. TAIRA is, "in Japan, where the bathtub that everyone is warm, hot water does not flow" in Level and Harmony and, taught. After a while, also, and coming back is AKI "bathtub is bubbling with soap", he said. This time, it is the work of Harmony. Again, TAIRA is, "In Japan, the body is washed with washing place, it does not wash in the bathtub" to Level and Harmony and, taught. And "It is difficult", Harmony and Level said. That day, in the house of YASUZOU, I put three times the hot water in the bathtub. Two people, previously, entered the room where TAIRA was using. Harmony is a like to explore eyes, I looked around the room. TAIRA from within the closet, take out the futon, was laid to tatami. When the Harmony hear "bed is not there?", TAIRA is "in Japan, this is the bed," said, was the answer. "It is interesting. To my Smokey Mountain era, and a mattress that was laid in the hut, it's the same," she is with, laughed and said. "Because Japan is cold, the cold'll catch. From tomorrow, is in the bedding, underwear, put I it is better to sleep" TAIRA is and, she said. Harmony "body, for it is not necessary to look at?" And hear, TAIRA answered as "okay". Harmony is "YASUZOU father's, scary I face" and, say, "I friendly. Tomorrow, the old man, saying OTOUSAN, because the visit. Rejoice" TAIRA is and, she said. Two people entered the futon, was the exchange of courtesies of first love in Japan. TAIRA finishing fellowship, as always, to the breast and arms of Harmony, it gave a hickey. She "was good?", And the "good" hear, TAIRA is answered, "Good night", he said. Harmony as a "good night", says, with embrace to TAIRA, two people went to sleep.
The next day in the morning, and the family of YASUZOU, in TAIRA and Harmony and Level, went to the Tomb of enshrinement. Everyone, was protection against cold clothing GIEMON brand. A one-box car of the eight-seater, TATHUNOSUKE is driving, YOUKO, in the center of the seat YASUZOU and TAIRA, is Harmony · AKI · Level in the rear seat was sitting in the passenger seat. Harmony is, the "OTOUSAN, Good morning" to YASUZOU, he said in Japanese. YASUZOU is, in the words of "OTOUSAN?" Of sudden Harmony, was taken aback. And a "Good morning. Young wife", was reply joyfully smiling. Harmony also, reply of YASUZOU is, I was happy. In the back seat, and hit it off the young Level and AKI, began luck Icha. From the car window, of the northern Kanto region, mountains that suffered the snow came into view. Harmony and Level is, to see the snow-covered mountain, I was for the first time. Harmony is, was looking with rapt "white mountain, nice I" and, say, a car window. Around noon, we arrived at Tomb of enshrinement. Since the outside is cold, I was having lunch in the car. Lunch, YOUKO and AKI was made, was kyaraben. Harmony and Level is, the Japanese version kyaraben, I stared in rarity likely. All finished the lunch, got off the car. The precinct, snow is thin estimates, it was very cold. To say that Harmony "cold", on the back of TAIRA, with embrace. And the remains of his father · MASAYOSI, the remains of the parents of Harmony and Level, was Crypt to Tomb of enshrinement. Finally, it was the moment that his father · MASAYOSI and mother · SHIZU was met. TAIRA is "Mom, for a long time, I'm sorry once again. I came Dad. Now everyone, it is stay together. It was good," he said, murmured in my mind. YASUZOU also, the deceased and dogs who have entered the Tomb of enshrinement, had been neglected in my mind. Harmony is "NAGOMI-chan, I, life, to take care of the TAIRA" in English and, said. TAIRA and YASUZOU family was the hands in prayer, worship, but, Harmony and Level is a Catholic believer, was palms together set the finger off the cross. TAIRA is, the temple of the young priest, and the common name of the father · MASAYOSI, the common name of the parents of Harmony, and ask that carve the epitaph, one line was after the Tomb of enshrinement. In a car, TAIRA is, firefly of summer Tomb of enshrinement is, a certain thing at the origin of the paper bag distribution of Mr. Firefly of Smokey Mountain, was talking to everyone. Then, in the Harmony and Level, at a later date, to the Tomb of enshrinement in the summer, come, and show the sight of countless fireflies dance, he promised. 17
The party, in the hot spring hotels in ski resorts of the northern Kanto region, arrived. At the door, life-size snowman Ali, was written with the welcome. Harmony and Level of tropical grew up is, interesting, touching snowman with the "cold", he said. Wearing a kimono, hotel staff dozen, welcomed the line. In front, TATHUNOSUKE is finished the check-in, boy, was guided in each of the room. The room was divided into male group and female group. Come hotel staff, time and public baths, time and dinner, the other hotel facilities, explained one way. Harmony is, in the lonely face, and came into the male group of the room as "the good with the room as TAIRA", he said. TAIRA is "room, because next to each other all right," said, was soothing. YASUZOU was watching the Harmony is "Harmony is, Do's spoiled," said, said, laughed. Was returned to the room Harmony, YOUKO and AKI, was invited to the public baths. YOUKO is, and a short coat that contains the name of the hotel, wearing a yukata. Harmony is, while the imitation of AKI, wearing a yukata and "I interesting clothes", said. Room, one line next to each other, and a short coat, change of clothes in yukata, aligned in opposite to public baths, was farewell to a man of hot water and a woman in the hot water. "I no swimsuit", I say, AKI "in Japan, in the bath, swimwear of not wearing. Man of hot water and a woman of hot water, because it is separately calm by" in the Harmony and, immature gesture in English while mixes, taught. In public bath panoramic bath, lights of the town seemed to under eyes. In the fence in the middle of the public baths, separated man of hot water and a woman of hot water, both of voice, was heard beyond the boundaries. TATHUNOSUKE has flowed back of YASUZOU. After a while, Level is, start swim in the big bathtub, TAIRA is, because become a nuisance to other customers, was the attention. The woman of the hot water, Harmony is, had been fascinated by the night view. AKI is a look at the body of Harmony "it, hickey? TAIRA is, with was that?" When asked, Harmony is, nodded with a smile. After arriving in Japan, because Harmony had a overdressed in cold measures, hickey did not appear. AKI is "TAIRA, lecher I" and, say, the "TAIRA of lecher, love .Harmony, glad", the answer is Harmony, AKI, the eye is round, open mouth was a mom open. YOUKO which were in buckwheat, had a chuckle. Harmony is, to approach the fence "TAIRA, you hear? AKI is TAIRA is lecher Even" and said in English, was echoed in the public baths. Among the guests while bathing in public baths, from the customer to understand the English language, laughter was spouting. TAIRA is in a hurry, "here, talk useless. Later," said barb in English, again, public baths was wrapped in laughter. Harmony is, innocent side were also ready. In the banquet hall, the dinner began. In yukata figure in short coat, YASUZOU from Theravada, Harmony, TAIRA, YOUKO couple, Level, in the order of AKI, attached to the seat. Dinner, was a Japanese cuisine. TAIRA is, like to eat with the wasabi to sashimi, teaching, Harmony was in the mouth. Suddenly, her face is, to frown, tears came to the turn. And "spicy!", And shouting "TAIRA, mean", he said. Harmony is, have to sit next to, in your Choshi seat of YASUZOU, glass of YASUZOU is, place made in full, poured sake. YASUZOU and TAIRA is, I was surprised. Panic TAIRA is, your cupbearer of sake, and he poured into sake cup, tell me, in your Choshi from glass, was transferred sake. YASUZOU and TAIRA has a wry smile. Again, Harmony is, in sake cup of YASUZOU, re specifications for your cupbearer. Now, YASUZOU of Harmony, poured sake in sake cup, was determined as drink. Harmony was drank. YASUZOU was applause in good spirits. Harmony, remove the lobster skin of Japanese cuisine, the contents, was conveyed to the mouth of the TAIRA. On the other hand, AKI of the lowest seat is, the egg custard with a spoon, was put in the mouth of the Level. Of both lateral, sandwiched between the harmonious couple, YASUZOU and YOUKO couple, it was a continuation devoted. On the stage, entertainment of magic began. Magicians, referred to as today's most good-looking, like go up the Level on the stage, was nominated. Magician, pass the rope to Level, instructs as cut with scissors, Level has cut the rope. Magicians, the Level is cut rope, grabbed with their own hands. Hand open. Cut was supposed to rope, was connected. Then, magician takes out the playing cards, a piece of playing cards from within, was drawn to the Level. As the magician invisible numbers of playing cards, the audience just as visible mark and a number of playing cards, were instructed to Level. From Level, a piece of playing cards drawn, asked to return in the back of mom, pass it to the Level and together with the rest of the playing cards, were instructed as cut. Magician, from Level, the Trump of flux off, ask to pass, a piece of Trump minus of Level, it was applied. Then, magician, "Please lend a piece of paper money. And to three times" to the Level, so said, Level took out a piece of Philippine Peso from the wallet. Magician is a look at the Philippine peso, "I, the Japanese. Philippines of money, not you be able to print," he said, said entangled the gesture. TAIRA is, a thousand yen note from the wallet, take out a piece, was passed to the stage of the Level. Magician, folded finely thousand yen bill, was holding in his palm. And, his the back of the hand, was held in the hands of the Level. Then quietly magician, opened his palm. The palm, thousand yen bill is in the state chopped, had changed. Magician "I beg your pardon failed. Apology, this time will return to five times" and, say, once again, Mom thousand yen bill carved remained, closing the palm. To say that the 1, 2, 3, magician opened his hand. There are, finely folded 5,000 yen bills, was there. Level is, as has been deceived by the fox, had tilted her neck. It flew applause from the banquet hall. "Apology, is marked," said magician to say, pass a Goshen yen bill to Level. Level is, in TAIRA, was trying to pass the 5,000 yen bill, TAIRA is not received, as paid to the purse of the Level, he said. Since then, tricks of the magician was followed. That night, TAIRA is the snoring of YASUZOU, middle people, were not falling asleep. Late at night, a knock at the door, I heard. When I opened the door, Harmony is, in the crying face of yukata figure, stood. Harmony is a "lonely", say, to the futon of TAIRA, it slipped. TAIRA enters the futon, as unnoticed around, suffer a futon, I was sympathetic of love. Upon completion of the fellowship, Harmony is, with embrace the TAIRA, fell asleep. The next morning, when the YASUZOU wake up, Harmony is, was sleeping with embracing the TAIRA. YASUZOU was surprised. The party in the hotel's dining room, taking the buffet breakfast. TATHUNOSUKE is at the front, the accommodation and night extension, separately, for TAIRA and Harmony, you add one room. And, there on the back side of the hotel, went to the ski slope. Harmony and Level was marvel at the size of the silver world. The party, the snow was gripped by hand, without regard opponent, was each other throw. YASUZOU also return to the kid, he had participated in the snowball fight. TAIRA is a movement circle in college, so bite the ski, slightly, but was able to ski, the others all, was an amateur of skiing. TAIRA is wearing a ski, it showed slipped. Everyone was clapping. Harmony is referred to as a "good Do not. Parentheses good", TAIRA is conceit, only ride in tone, with a pratfall. Everyone, take the lift for beginners, was sliding down a number of times in the sled. Lunch, back to the hotel, was taken in the restaurant. Level and AKI is, a cup of juice, with two of straw, had each other to drink. In the afternoon, leaving the YASUZOU elderly, she returned to the slopes. YASUZOU is, tired in the snow play in the morning, I soaked one person, from ask them to massage the masseuse, the hot water in the public baths. The other person, enjoy the snow slip on the slopes, was back to the hotel before nightfall. Returning to the hotel, it was a sweat in the mom, public baths. Public baths of panorama before nightfall is, and yesterday at night, of different scenery, beauty is there. As with yesterday, dressed in short coat and yukata, but had dinner in the banquet hall, only more and more newly pot cooking, the contents were almost the same as last night. Today's stage was a drum and folk singer. Harmony and Level is, in the costume of kimono of the folk singer, has shown an interest, to the song of the drum of the virtuosity and folk singer, she showed little interest. YASUZOU who guessed the two people of the atmosphere, to take everyone, has moved to live snack in the hotel. There is a restaurant that was a meal at noon is, was the shop that night has been transformed into a live snack. Filipino vocal group, had been singing. In the store, it had a two-three sets of customers. The Enka Party YASUZOU and TATHUNOSUKE, the contents of the song did not know well. The waiter came with a beer and a knob. While listening to the song of a little male singer, everyone drank a bi beer. AKI and Level is, sitting in a different seat, I was there with Icha. TAIRA is in Harmony, he urged as sing. Or Harmony is, to approach the male singer, speaking in Tagalog, may be singing? heard. Male singer with a smile, has been accepted in Tagalog. Harmony was singing. YASUZOU us than the original, from the vocal group and other customers, applause rang. Also Enka Party YASUZOU and TATHUNOSUKE, singing talent of Harmony was found. Take the song of the male singer, mixed to other customers, Level · AKI and YOUKO couple began to dance. Harmony was invited "Dad, Dance will" the YASUZOU to floor. YASUZOU is, dance, but experience did not, began to dance in the Harmony of the lead. YASUZOU is, the foot of Harmony that lead, trampling many times. Not dancing, YASUZOU is, the scent of a woman of Harmony, felt the sex appeal. A good woman. TAIRA Do not do middle people also. Once, I felt. Drinking until midnight, everyone is returned to each of the room, equivalent, I was drunk. And tired of daytime ski, overlap and good, everyone, get to the room and as soon as, soon fell asleep. TAIRA is shouldering a drunken Harmony, it opened the door of the room. The room, hotel staff, already, there was laid the futon. Also two people, Soku, sleeping will be, meaning that apart from taking the room, had faded. That night, everyone in the play tired, went to sleep. 18
After taking the next day of breakfast, a few hours on the slopes, slip, before noon, checked out of the hotel. Entrance front of the snowman is a "welcome addition Come", so spoke, everyone was surprised. It is, by the hotel, was a gimmick of playful. Harmony and Level and AKI is, as "also I come" to the snowman, he said [goodbye] waving. The party return in the middle, was a lunch by the drive-in. Again, riding in the car, line hurried the way home. With snow play from yesterday, have pretty tired, except TATHUNOSUKE of the driver, everyone fell asleep in a car. Today, YOUKO in the passenger seat, Level and AKI in the center seat, in YASUZOU and Harmony and TAIRA in the rear seat, was boarded. YOUKO is, sleep leaning against the window, AKI is, leaning on the shoulder of Level, I was sleeping. YASUZOU and TAIRA of the rear seats, their own, had been asleep leaning to the left and right of the window, rear seat center of Harmony is, fell asleep at the pillow of knee YASUZOU. After a while, YASUZOU is, but Harmony is there sleeping in his knee pillow, was noticed. YASUZOU is, Harmony is the way of their children, think really Karen, in the figure of his mom, his jumper, covered her. Evening, and it arrives at a town of DOZOU. Of the town, in a sushi shop regulars, eating sushi while spear full. Harmony and Level is, without the wasabi, were asked to. And, but went to their room to return to the mansion, laughing Level and AKI, I had a chat in the kitchen. YASUZOU is, call TAIRA and Harmony in the parlor, I heard the schedule of tomorrow. "Tomorrow, as long as time permits, I want around our offices and factories and shops," said, was the answer. YASUZOU "It is many years since the marriage? Quickly, whether working hard to want to see the face of a grandson. Child making?" Is a, I heard. And "one twice a day, I have been", Harmony answered. YASUZOU is surprised "day to twelve times, too much" and refers to "husband and wife, and the remainder relationship is too good, if the child can not be. Week one position?" And, advised. TAIRA and Harmony is, head down to, was listening to advice. Two people that night, not accept the advice of YASUZOU, was the exchange of courtesies of Harmony and love. Harmony "feeling, was good?" I asked, and TAIRA is "good", was the answer. Harmony is happily, I was not smiling.
The next day, TAIRA is, take the Harmony and Level and AKI, rent a car of YASUZOU, located in this town, TAKEI business CO., Went to the yarn-making, textile sewing consistency factory of LTD. AKI also, I wanted to stay with Level, accompanied. YASUZOU is, junior high school only not graduated, increasingly, the original, because although there in the yakuza, management know-how at all without the company's management is, TAIRA was education, executive staff had been partitioned. YASUZOU is, have spent at home, without the attendance for most companies, had a nominal president. Even in this day, YASUZOU is, for travel between TAIRA us, did not want. YASUZOU of the car is, coincidentally, the German car father · ROKUROU TAKEI has served as a driver in the car of GIEMON, was Betts. The YASUZOU, to Betts, there is a love of early Childhood. Arrive at the factory, in its grandeur, Harmony and Level was stunned. Factory length is welcomed. Factory length, in the lads of the old TAKEI business, TAIRA himself appointed at the time of its founding. Next to the plant, elderly man is the "executive director, are you after a long time", he was greeting. Some of the familiar, was a face. If you look and talk, a long time ago, several times, me carrying the ashes in the treatment of TAIRA, it was official. In this town, we want to work in our blue-chip companies, and early retirement of the city hall, but so I got adopted ROKUROU TAKEI son of the managing director, to YASUZOU president. Now, taking advantage of public office era experience, the welfare of factory employees, but so are left. It enters the plant at the factory length of the guide, Harmony and Level is, the abundance of plant employees, was stunned overwhelmed. Factory employees, to visit after a long time of the managing director, had disconcertedly. TAIRA're of the factory, the GIEMON brand of production line, was looking around. Harmony is, from the factory employees, with a beautiful woman, was very popular and it is cute bride. On the other hand AKI is, the Level of the good-looking, to women employees see in envy of the look, the mind calm was not. To the lunch break, in the provisional stage of the large dining room, three people were greeting. Next to the TAIRA, to the processing of Harmony, the microphone is turned. Harmony in the immature Japanese, "I am the wife of a Harmony F Tamura .TAIRA TAMURA. Thank you," said he said. Vortex of applause from the large dining room was boiling. Harmony continued in Japanese. And "GIEMON is lecher .TAIRA TAMURA is also a lecher," she said. Moment, a large dining room has changed subside. TAIRA who was behind the Harmony is, turn off the power of the microphone in a hurry, was discussed with the Harmony on stage. Apparently, when it entered the public baths of the ski hotel, "lecher of TAIRA, love" in conversation with AKI and, but said, it was like a cause. Harmony is, the love and lecher of the Japanese, had been interpreted in the same meaning. Harmony has put the power to the microphone, "I, the love and lecher of Japanese, mistake we were. Please sorry .GIEMON love .TAIRA TAMURA I also love" in Japanese and, restatement while wry smile, head It was accidentally lowered. A large dining room was a great burst of laughter. In Level, soon as the microphone is across from the women employees of "Level nice, handsome young man", the voice of joy, resounded in the dining hall. Is the Level of the younger brother of Harmony. And best regards ", was a self-introduction. AKI is, the voice of the joy of female employees, had heard a hurry just feeling. Lunch, after taking in the large dining room along with the factory employees, located in this town, TAKEI business CO., Headed to DOZOU of the central institution of the LTD. Of several people, executives wearing a GIEMON brand, came out from DOZOU "executive director, Long time no see. How are you?" And, she said. "It's healthy!", TAIRA answered. Harmony and Level is, the central institution DOZOU is, because too small, I was surprised. Some of the executives had mixed foreigners. Also in Harmony and Level as "Nice to meet you", says, it was for a handshake. Gesture of executive employees, and Harmony, seemed like not a first meeting. In the Harmony of the plant, rumors of the absurdity of NG speech is, already, not fit the only factory, also spread to the headquarters and branch offices, took time to calm down. A result, NG speech of Harmony is, a sense of distance between the Managing Director Mrs. and employees, has been shortened. Executives of the women as "good-looking I" to the Level, say, AKI was head down. TAIRA is, DOZOU written in the diary, describes a certain thing in this DOZOU, he told the old memories. Harmony and Level is impressed, had seen the inside of DOZOU. Executives of foreigners, was guided to the dormitory next to the foreign students. He was Bangladesh people. He is English, in Harmony and Level "I am also the original, international students. Longing to Senior Managing TAKEI business CO., Joined LTD. Even now, I live in this dormitory. In Bangladesh's thriving garment industry . in the future, asked the executive director, a garment factory in Bangladesh, we would want to build a ", told. Harmony and Level, this the Bangladesh people, I felt like we saw in somewhere. For a while thinking, I remembered two people. In the Philippines of the TV, in commercials GIEMON, but the person has appeared. Level is "in the Philippines, to the TV commercials, it has appeared?" And heard. Bangladesh people "Yes, I have already appeared in commercials. In managing director of policy, the commercial is in our company, pop star does not use. In Japan of TV commercials, all, our employees have appeared. However, managing director, a hate that stand out, all the TV commercials on their own, and not do, "out, replied laughing. A dozen of students from dormitory came out. And "senior managing director, I wanted to after a long time. Meet", says, each, come with embracing the TAIRA, Some, moved to tears international students, there was. In the dining room of the dormitory, delicate welcome party was held, it was also joined international students came to go home from the university. Evening, TAIRA we went back to the mansion of YASUZOU. TATHUNOSUKE also, it had already returned home. YOUKO is, was waiting to make a sukiyaki. Appearance of AKI is not visible. Worried, YOUKO went to the room of AKI. The key of the room, hanging from the inside, even if you knock YOUKO, AKI only reply, did not come out. Harmony is also knocking, it was similar. Reluctantly, everyone, ate dinner at AKI excl. Begun to eat, Level "This cuisine, number one delicious. The name of the food, what is it?" And heard. And "of Japanese cuisine, I Sukiyaki", YOUKO answered. Level A "Bravo", says, was eating like crazy. The next morning, punishment is in the evil look, AKI came into the dining room. AKI is, because of the popularity Level is high wherever you go, I was there by jealous and jealousy. 19
After one hour, TAIRA and Harmony and Level is located in Tokyo, TAKEI business CO., Is headed to the headquarters of the LTD, AKI did not accompany with your bad mood. The toward the metropolitan area, the road, so that permanently congestion, TAIRA is not the car is available, all the time, I was using a private railway. Headquarters, was across the 18, 19, 20-floor high-rise office building. Harmony and Level was surprised be also the breadth of the floor, on the number of employees. Some of the employees, and There are a variety of country people, had to wear the all GIEMON brand. Office of the President and the drawing room and the meeting room had, but managing director room did not. TAIRA, in order to keep the employees and glassed-in relationship, dare, managing director room was a policy which is not provided. When the Harmony and Level stand by the window, Tokyo can be seen, and the Tokyo Bay and, far away seemed even Fuji suffered the snow. Also at the headquarters, rumors of NG speech at the Harmony of the plant, have already spread, in the eyes to see the employees, the Harmony, there was a sense of intimacy. The arrival of a long time of TAIRA, from suppliers, "I want to meet with senior managing director", say, the request is flooded, TAIRA today of the plan, was not forced to change. Not cease, to executives, they were allowed a guiding role of GIEMON shops of Harmony and Level. First, go to the GIEMON shop of the station building, I went into the store. Male clerk three people, was moving to look busy. Looking at the senior staff, the clerk who was greeted in unison. Executive employees, introduced the Harmony and Level. One of the male clerk, the beauty of Harmony, had been admired as stunned. Harmony and Level is, to shake hands with the men's clerk, was signed. From the station building, the train of the inner loop of green color, was riding. Get off at the second station, I saw a torii of large shrine (gate in stone). The magnificent shrine, two people were impressed, but in the previous New Year, figure in the shrine was sparse. Return to the station, and earlier in the opposite direction, these three men walked. Sidewalk, was full of young people. And soon walk, GIEMON shop had. Store, young people gathered, had been able to. Three people does not enter the shop, I was looking at the store in the table. After leaving the store, I went back to the original station. Through the ticket gate, it got off to the home. Home was also filled with young people. Executive employees "on the train, go to the next store," said he said. Since coming to Japan, to Harmony, which have not seen the letters of the magazine, the home of the shop, is a letter of the magazine, I went into the eye. She is in the shop, I bought the letters of the magazine. When the Harmony is look back, the figure of executive employees and Level, did not appear. In the home, of green color, the train of the inner loop was parked. Buzzer of departure rang. She, on the train in a hurry, hopped. I looked over the car. Appearance of executive employees and Level is, where also was not. Harmony is fell anxiety. Past the three of the station. On the other hand, in the home, executives and Level is, to wade through the flood was young, had scoured the Harmony. Mobile phone in the Harmony of the back rang. Voice on the phone was a senior staff that have accompanied. Executives in English "Now, Where is?" And, she said. Harmony is the "We are riding on the green train", was answered in English. Executives is in English, "we, still, you stay in the home. The train, the opposite is around," said he said. This station, home is in one, on both sides, and the inner loop, and a train around the outside, has been used. She is the "do I do what?" In English, was asked. The executives, Harmony is the train of inner loop, where up to what has progressed, was not able to grasp. Think a little, executive employees English "that mom, please continue to ride. Circling, because you come back to the original station. Duration of the round, you do not know me. In the original station, waiting along with the Level's. the original station name, because you said in the alphabet, write down or, or remember please. station name is, on top of the train door, are explicitly. if you did not know, the train passengers Please listen to. station name is Harajuku and "spoke along with the alphabet of the station name. Harmony is, that he lost, he realized. After a phone call, executives were asked the time required for one round to station staff. Again, the executive is the time required for one hour position of "around the mobile phone of Harmony. Okay, do not worry. Sure, because waiting in the original station, "he said in English. At that time, in a time when mobile phones began to spread, it calls on a train also was not as severely. TAIRA, assuming that by any chance, a mobile phone to their Harmony and Level, had been passed. Executive employees to call TAIRA "I'm sorry. This is my carelessness," said, reported the error, the elapsed. In Harmony who is on the train, enters a phone call from TAIRA, they say the same thing to what executives has instructed, was instructed as settle down. Harmony in the uneasy voice, had listened attentively. She has one hour riding on the train, I felt very long. Along the way high school students, came on board the train. Harmony is the "Where is the Harajuku" to the high school girls, heard in English to worry mind. "After, it is the station of the Fifth" schoolgirl and, answered in English of a gentle tone. And, high school students as "No worries No worries (Do not worry there is no worry)", and said with a smile, in the two front of the station, it was carried out off waving Goodbye and hand. In about an hour, Harmony it is, came back to the original station by train of inward turning. A look at the executives, smile of relief was broken to her. Executive employees, to call TAIRA, told that the safe return, was replaced the Harmony and phone. She came to crying phone. Three people were on the train in the opposite direction of the road warriors. Get off at six on a terminal station, visited the GIEMON shop in the department store, which are adjacent to each other. Time, was already in the afternoon. A late lunch, three people were taken in the restaurant of the department store. That day, at the second time of NG accident of Harmony, scheduled shift significantly, GIEMON shop is also not able to visit only a few items remaining, was returned to headquarters, has become a night. Already, employees and all go home, only TAIRA is, had been waiting for three people in the drawing room. Harmony is with embracing in tears to TAIRA. TAIRA is, the last time, because there is also NG at the garment factory, matter of today's Harmony is, so as to, in confidence, to instruct the executive, he was allowed to return home by Ro' the labor. Also hush in Harmony and Level, TAIRA is, in YASUZOU family to go home, NG of today's Harmony is, he did not speak. Since the three persons of returning home was slow, YASUZOU family, had already spoofing the dinner. YOUKO and AKI has remade the dinner for the three people. Three people were eating dinner in a hurry early. Meal is the end, and three people are relaxing in the cafeteria, came AKI, as "Ikau, mosquito Paroparo (You flirt)" in Tagalog to Level with a laugh, she said. Three people were surprised consternation. According to the YOUKO of the story, AKI, go to the bookstore of the town in the morning, and the English of the book, and the book of Tagalog, come in stock up the English-Japanese, Japanese-English combination of dictionary, such that I was studying in my room I. Earlier of Tagalog is, freshly remember, was a Tagalog. Mood of AKI had healed. In AKI of the room, Level and AKI is always of like, had playfully.
The next day, TAIRA and Harmony and Level was the office to headquarters. AKI also, but I Seguin for travel, today, is scheduled to go to GIEMON shop of Nagoya and Osaka, the day might be unreasonable, TAIRA did not recognize the bank's AKI. Yesterday of executive employees, to reflect on the previous day of clumsiness, guide flag (guide, the flag used to discount rate of tourists), and came made by. His work was a designer at GIEMON. Flag, have made of red cloth that contains the logo of GIEMON, using a cloth chopsticks of the T-shirt, but so was created by night work. The TAIRA, on top of the interviews from the customer, "I met the managing director, would like Allegiance the instruction" the arrival of a long time of TAIRA from the district responsible for the whole country was in the ear and, had gathered a desire to say. TAIRA has been respecting the autonomy of employees, employees, the good judgment of TAIRA, was equipped with a habit to resort. GIEMON shop is now expanded to major cities across the country, the number of stores was a momentum approaching in 1000. TAIRA is supposed to be even today, I had to change. Therefore, in yesterday's executives, the attendance of Nagoya and visits to GIEMON shop of Osaka of Harmony and Level, was supposed to leave. Executives in the bullet train of home, set a GIEMON guide flag overhead, to get lost prevention of Harmony and Level, helped. In the Philippines, because the high-speed rail was not, Harmony and Level is, the beauty, size and speed of the bullet train, had been fascinated. Executive employees, in the last night of the guide flag making, not asleep, immediately and sit down in the seat, fell asleep. Three people, first, Nagoya and Sakae, stop by to GIEMON shop of Nagoya, it was also in Nagoya Castle. The evening of that day, arrived in Osaka, take a meal in the Dotonbori, Been to Hotel Shinsaibashi in Osaka city. The next day, Namba Metropolitan around the GIEMON shop of Umeda, was also carried out to Osaka Castle. Then, take the bullet train from Shin-Osaka Station, in the evening, I came back to the head office in Tokyo. Level the TAIRA, I was surprised at the abundance of "GIEMON shop of the number of customers. The appearance of the castle is beautiful but, Once inside the castle, was disappointed in the concrete of the building. Fuji as seen from the Shinkansen, it was beautiful and magnificent ", said a souvenir story of the journey in a good mood. On the other hand, Harmony was a sunken look. For her, since I came to Japan, it was a series of surprise. Harmony is, of TAIRA, to not even the size of the scale and greatness Totetsu, marvel, with their own, so as to keenly aware of the differences of the case, was made by. Come home, late at night, two people were in the room of TAIRA. Back from a trip, her situation is, that the unusual, TAIRA has had guessed, I think that it is tired of the journey, too, was not in mind. Tenderness of Harmony is, of busy TAIRA, had become the only healing the target. TAIRA is, occasionally, but to appreciate the naked body of the tan of Harmony, liked. Their precious works of art, was a state of mind to see. Also in the photographer is also a painter, to explore the beauty, I thought that it is human instinct. TAIRA, she was aged on top of the seat table in the room. And "embarrassing", Harmony is whispered in a low voice. Taking to TAIRA, the word, it was very exciting. From to enjoy the beauty, and the exchange of courtesies of love. Harmony is "good?" Always of the words of, I did not say. And TAIRA is "how did you?", I asked, she is, "TAIRA in sunken voice, handsome romance-gray, with rich, even Japan, also in the Philippines, in there with a cup of company Xiang .TAIRA is, in Harmony, anything, us to. But, Harmony is the skin is also black, is to be present in TAIRA, nothing. in the rich, women there literate'm a lot .Harmony is poor , the house also, no. education, the no .TAIRA, a disproportionate's I ", said. TAIRA is "Do a breakup?", Said. Harmony is, tearful in, he shook his head. TAIRA would love the "Harmony. Gentle treatment, tan body of shame however want treatment, I love .Harmony also love. But, I have no kind heart, no shyness spirit women hate. Harmony is, both of the heart, there have all. So I love it in the back of the hand of .Harmony, the. firefly pendant character of flat TAIRA there, I was raised over the neck. arm and breast in the same two places , .Harmony that are marked with the hickey is, it is my treasure. A lifetime, and I want "to stay in my neighbor, said. Harmony is the "What may be the Harmony? To be in Harmony? To be in Harmony? Really? Really?", Heard as if call someone's attention. When TAIRA nodded big, Harmony is a "thank you .Harmony, best happy .TAIRA, I love", says crying, with embrace the TAIRA, fell asleep. After a while, Harmony is to open the eyes as "really good? Really good?", Was confirmed. TAIRA is, nodded again, she is, "Thank you. I, I embarrassed, once again, the body of Harmony, see?" Joyfully and, say, "cold tonight, because too late, now," said, the answer is TAIRA It was. "Even talking about, good?" Harmony and, say, when the nod is TAIRA, she started the "Harmony, the day went to the condo TAIRA, TAIRA is, it would have been violated. Harmony is, TAIRA is, was very scared. And, TAIRA is, it would have been confined to the condominium. I, I thought tried to escape many times. But, I look at Mr. Firefly in the closet, the thinking has changed. TAIRA is, unless deprived of me, now, I'm not staying here. Now, are you grateful for TAIRA. God, me encourage like take me away in captivity, as "are grateful, she said with a smile. TAIRA is "in the back of the hand of the sorry .Harmony, because there is a character of flat TAIRA, early, I wanted to get the Harmony, was impatient. And, also to be scooped by the other man, it was disgusting." If, I say. Harmony is "me took TAIRA, me, really, really, you very much" to say in a tearful voice, with Body to TAIRA et al. 20
The next morning, the physical condition of Harmony has been lackluster. TAIRA is, the amount of Harmony worried, shed hand, was hot. The amount of TAIRA, Once attached to the forehead of Harmony, the heat is there. Tropical grew up Harmony is, still, in the cold of winter in Japan, did not adapt. Yesterday, in the day before yesterday travel, to there were many time you are outdoors, in addition, also had to watch the body of Harmony in the evening, had a misfortune. TAIRA is, in the vicinity of the practitioner, took her. A little wait in the waiting room, Harmony went to the examination room. Immediately after, angry Harmony, it came flying out from the examination room. Harmony is, "Doctor to TAIRA of the waiting room, I crazy. Because shed stethoscope, please raise the underwear. And, I said. In men, men who can see the body of Harmony is, TAIRA, only one person and ", he said angrily. Reluctantly TAIRA is, the numbers in the telephone directory of NTT, examine the female practitioners, I got to examination moved to there. Fortunately, if the two-three days to rest in the cold, it was the examination of the immediately heal. TAIRA returns to the mansion of YASUZOU, was aged a Harmony on futon. TAIRA, despite during the busy, and absenteeism the company, hit the nursing at the bedside of pillows of Harmony. TAIRA, such as their precious treasure is broken, was a concern. The Level, to pick-up in Bangladesh's executives, TAKEI in DOZOU business CO., The central business of LTD, was studying. TAIRA last night, the had to watch nude Harmony error, not seen in the cold Japan, proposed the view from the back to the Philippines. She is "okay .TAIRA is, .TAIRA would like to see the body of Harmony would be Husband of Harmony. But a little embarrassed, if you are satisfied is TAIRA, Harmony is happy," he said, smiled and said.
On the other hand, Level in DOZOU, from executives, learned the business philosophy of TAIRA.
TAKEI business CO., Basic philosophy of LTD is,
1.The Company is not listed on the stock.
(Cheaper being targeted in takeover company of Bejjifando, general investors, in only their own profit, to buy shares of the company, resulting in shifts at worst the performance of the company on the stock of other companies)
2. employee, performs a holding surname, devoted to the family principle.
(To employees, a certain thing in their company, to be aware)
3. The financing is subject to financing from financial institutions. (By buying up the stock, the risk of takeover of the company, prevent)
4. Increase the number of stores, to expand the sales offices. (The more stores, sales will increase)
5. top-down approach is not taken, to respect the opinions of the site, it is introduced into the management of the company. (From the idea of one person top, it is more of a number of opinion, born a novel idea)
6. Determine the target, run the goal, after a goal run, the evaluation meeting, do not always give up.
(After the execution have words, the bad points of the result, if not discussed, nothing there is no progress. That change the reflection point, is the innovation of the company. If you give up, at the end some companies, the end is also the person I)
7. ads are done by the employees, increase the Aisha sincerity. (High gallerist pop star, used not. Advertising is the frequency. Of commercial, starring pop star, to the improvement of the popularity of the star, I just have contributed. Performer, even in animals, even in anime , to increase the visibility of also good. company at the company's employees, the frequency of advertising is important. to fashion and popular, I think so as not to miss is, but herd mentality of consumers. Grasp the herd mentality depending on the ad , but to be a brand-name products)
8. compete on quality, discount are not. (Quality items, even if the high sell. Bastards, to not sell even cheaper, discount is limited to the cost. Consumers, good quality, is a good case to covet the brand-name products. food also, if bad taste, not sell even cheaper)
9. uniforms of public organizations, the free offer.
(And our GIEMON logo mark, the mark of each of the governments, the combined put the uniform, the free offer. Uniforms on a regular basis, and those of the new design, if the staff to wear a renewal to. Governments , name recognition of GIEMON is raised)
10. To claim, quickly correspondence.
(Complaints of customers are responsible person immediately, go to the place of the customer, putting the apology is of GIEMON, also leads to the prevention of disrepute)
11. long-lasting company is a good company.
(If the employee is fixed, the entire company is in family)
Scale is large, there is popularity, charisma, to TAIRA had been ready, Level is, increasingly, will be like yearn, hear properly, and would like to work together with the TAIRA, I thought.
Level is, fast adaptability so young, alone, also will be like can be attendance to headquarters and DOZOU, it took a different behavior and TAIRA. Level is a day that worked in DOZOU, along with Bangladesh's executives, because of alien registration, I went to the city hall. And the logo of GIEMON to City Hall, a colorful T-shirt uniforms put together a mark of the city hall, the staff was wearing had been hit in the business. Level is, I thought enough made. On the way home that day, than he, was invited to the tavern of this town. The tavern, and the landlady, was a woman of the servant was the heavy makeup. The woman, the parent Shige, in Bangladesh people, came to talk. How also, it seems acquaintance. Level is I asked the Bangladesh people, previously TAKEI business CO., Was working on LTD of the factory, it was the employee. "I appeared in commercials GIEMON, there is an invitation from the talent agency, TAKEI business CO., Quit the LTD, and change of employment to the talent. I presented an expensive guarantee from entertainment production, assumed think his popularity is also that it is immovable I like to. Managing Director immediately, her down from the commercial GIEMON, was switched to the other employees. Her popularity was dive not maintained even a year. Revenue no difference to the sharp decrease also. In short-term greed, but the results ran. Now, in this tavern, working at a lower hourly rate. She has been begging the re-employment in the factory director, factory length, and contrary to the family principle of the philosophy of the executive director, was dismissed by. In short, the idea of managing director, employees such as abandon the family, and do not need, you can say. The other to be a dozen, but a similar case there was, everyone, re-employment did not come true. During, it is now, without lies in jobs, and also are those who are homeless, "Bangladesh who was talking. Level is against company management, again, I was impressed the rigors of TAIRA.
Cold also subsided one day, "be carried out in the company of TAIRA, to the office of uninteresting .TAIRA is not, because it is in full view from the employees, I can not even kiss of TAIRA and love" Harmony in TAIRA and, said. Company of the work of TAIRA is division of labor, the work of the employees had been immobilized. Japanese can not be Harmony is, there is no work, all day, was just boring to sit in a chair. TAIRA is the thoughtful, the Harmony to the mansion of YASUZOU, was set to have. She has been involved with to leave and TAIRA, unlike when one person in Manila condo, so there is also three people of YASUZOU and YOUKO and AKI, was convinced. YASUZOU also, beauty of the wife Harmony is in together, I was happy. Of AKI and Harmony, study English and Tagalog and Japanese, began in the room of AKI. Harmony is, in between studying, he began making handmade purse. When the AKI hear in Harmony as a "Christmas gift TAIRA", was the answer. "Because I also make and tell us," AKI is and, she said. In the initiation of Harmony, AKI also began to make a purse. YOUKO has an confectionery, came into the room of AKI, saw the making two of wallet. "I also, I want to make", he said, joined the fellow. Sewed in embroidery, and the name on purse of TAIRA that Harmony is made, and the name on purse of Level that AKI is made, name-filled purse of TATHUNOSUKE that YOUKO had made were finished. Three people are, in that purse is not enough one, I noticed. Minute's of YASUZOU. Three people are, jointly create a another purse, of Harmony and AKI and YOUKO, three people of the name, was sewn in the embroidery on the wallet. Harmony is in the purse, the coins of the small Philippine peso, was sewn on the inside of the wallet. AKI and YOUKO are, and ask why the quizzical, Harmony is "in the Philippines, when the purse is empty, the person, referred to as pinched for money, say tell that there is," said he said. AKI and YOUKO is, nodding as was convinced, "I better ¥ 5 coin (GOENN coin) in Japan. Goen ※ connection (GOEN) as is in the money" and, say, each of the name on the wallet inside of, it was sewn five yen coin. YASUZOU purse to the for the "Harmony of the bride is, the person who was sewn, good," said, said two people, was sewn Harmony five yen coin. In this way, each of the man, was finished a Christmas present. 21
Christmas of two days before, TAIRA and Harmony and YASUZOU family, and the children all of the firefly of the house, and joined in the theme park. SUMIKO and MOMOKO also, the children of the firefly of the house, came to discount rate. TAIRA and Harmony and YASUZOU family, in the operation of TATHUNOSUKE, children of firefly of the house, in the microbus were charter, was arriving. Before Christmas theme park, it was a Christmas color. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, met at the Santa Claus costume, told me to everyone and commemorative photo. The theme park, a young couple was also a lot. Children of the joy the way was not extraordinary. Harmony and Level is, the theme park of the light, had been overwhelmed. Attraction, many accompanied by an adult of the vehicle, TAIRA and Harmony · Level and AKI · TATHUNOSUKE and YOUKO is, give up that ride a couple, was riding in the children of entrainment. Only YASUZOU of the elderly, to the attraction of the vehicle, was cringing. Parade due to the theme park of character, it came doing riding on the rhythm of Mickey march. Such as Mickey Mouse and Cinderella princess and Peter Mann, theme park of the popular person is, one after another, riding in fancy dress the car, it had teamed up the ranks. The comical amusing parade, everyone was a good laugh. At night, it began night show. Finally, TAIRA was accustomed to each of the couple and the Harmony · Level and AKI · TATHUNOSUKE and YOUKO is, each other, and Ferris huddled. Night show illumination is exceptionally beautiful, everyone, had been intoxicated. In all that night, but we stayed in hotels near the theme park, the children of the firefly of the house, the middle people, get to sleep without, was noisy until late. During the, until the bed of TAIRA and Harmony, was there even a child coming sunk. In the theme park, than riding the attraction along with the children, the first meeting of Harmony and Level is, completely, had been friendly with his children. Until the afternoon of the next day, play in the theme park, evening, I went back to the firefly of the house at all. In the house of fireflies, of the children of handmade, Christmas tree was there to decorate. And four people SUMIKO · MOMOKO · YOUKO · AKI, older children are, jointly, a Christmas cake that was aligned to buy at the theme park, was arranged in the dining room table. On top of the dozen of Christmas cake, a variety of characters of the theme park was hung. Youngest child is, began the character of the scramble. And YOUKO of firefly of the house of graduates, older boys, went to arbitration. Girl is running around holding a cat, boy ran chasing the dog, just like the house of fireflies, was a battlefield of children. Beside, graduates of AKI is, has been changing the baby diapers. Childcare experience there is no Harmony is, while impressed, was looking at the AKI. TAIRA is, quiet thirty-year-old before and after the woman a neat is, the firefly of the house, noticed that an increasing number one person. I asked try of SUMIKO, the name is called the MARIKO, because can not upbringing of Baby, put leaving the Baby in the house of the firefly, he was walked away women. She returned to the house of the firefly and change of heart, now works in conjunction with the SUMIKO and MOMOKO, it seems to have also engaged in the work of shredded vegetables. She is, and your Baby, because another one of the Baby is at home of firefly, abandoned to go to this time of the theme park, but so was devoted to child-rearing and the absence auditors. TAIRA is, of mother · SHIZU written diary of GIEMON, scene that has been left behind in the main gate, has been revived in mind. Harmony and Level is, from merges with the children at the theme park, and transformed the scary face of YASUZOU, from has changed the face of the Mary-like, had felt. Harmony and Level is, had been struck in the portrait of YASUZOU full of affection. And, Harmony and Level of the two siblings, large family of firefly of the house, was envied. Children, began to sing. When the night indulge, snow began to estimates. When Santa Claus comes tonight, say, young children, middle people did not get to sleep. It was a mysterious Eve night of White Christmas. Harmony and Level of tropical grew up, there is no white Christmas experience, struck chest in excitement, had been off to a cross. Midnight of the day, TATHUNOSUKE came driving, from the one-box car, a large people put carries a Christmas present to the house of the firefly, placed distribute to the bedside of children fast asleep.
Christmas morning, in the snow, which lasted from Eve, one side, was the silver world. In the dining room, younger children, "Santa came, Santa has come," and, say, fly around with a Christmas present, "large Mom, look. Small Mom, look," and, say, proudly, it was showing a Christmas gift to SUMIKO and MOMOKO. It came into the children dining room of the senior, as "Papa Thank you," to YASUZOU, was saying happily. Finally, SUMIKO and MOMOKO the "YATSUCHAN, every year, thank you", say, MARIKO the "president's, Thank you", said. At the sight of children of rejoice, YASUZOU and TAIRA is, feel the rewarding, thought it was their happy. Each large people are, their own a long time ago, was remembered. TAIRA, and SHIZU liked the Little Match Girl of the fairy tale, in the life of the poor DOZOU, to save the SHIZU, that were prepared Christmas gifts. TAKEI brother and sister In the old days, from GIEMON, I had got a Christmas present to the barb father · ROKUROU. Harmony and Level, it that contained the Christmas present in a paper bag of Mr. Firefly at Smokey Mountain. YOUKO and AKI, the firefly of the house of the era, a Christmas present, that I got from YASUZOU. Children, went back to their room. Harmony is a handmade name input of the purse, handed to TAIRA and YASUZOU. YOUKO is to TATHUNOSUKE, AKI is passed to Level. Men, was not willing to hand the name input of the purse. Level is to AKI, a red check of the muffler, it was present, TAIRA and TATHUNOSUKE is, gifts prepared was not to Harmony and YOUKO. Only AKI joy large, Harmony and YOUKO, the mood was bad. TAIRA and TATHUNOSUKE, move the hands on the Harmony and YOUKO, it had apologized.
Welcomed the end of the year, firefly of the house of the vegetable garden also shredded vegetables Engineering also full operation, children in the winter break as well, was the busyness of the degree you want to borrow and give up the rest help, even the cat of hand. Temporary, part-time job was also mobilized. Phone orders from the supermarket, was a sound leave. Level is overwhelmed by too much busyness, the Dexterity of children of work, on the contrary, was a settlement that hit the ass from children. In the morning, Harmony is, to the washing of a large amount of clothing that dirt of children, upon entering the bathroom, next to the shelf of the washing machine, driver's license had been misplaced. When the Harmony see open, face photo of YASUZOU was listed. On the opposite side of the face photo, had entered the young women, old idiot was black-and-white photos. YASUZOU is, from time to time, there has been a habit to enter the morning bath. Harmony is and look for YASUZOU, it was after I went to vegetable garden along with the children. Had a shred of vegetables in the kitchen, gave a license to TAIRA. TAIRA opens the license along with the Harmony, I saw the black-and-white photos that old idiot. It was a photo of the junior high school of the age of the mother · SHIZU. YASUZOU is, many years, the had to continue to have an affection for the mother · SHIZU, TAIRA knew the first time. Life, came through a single, in the painful sad love of YASUZOU, TAIRA and Harmony had struck the heart. That shines in the eyes of two people there. TAIRA is, returned the license to the shelf of the bed of YASUZOU. When the day is also sunset, came children back from the workplace, take off the dirty clothes, one after another, in a large bath of firefly house, I jumped. Children who finished the bathing, finished the meal in the dining room, had prematurely asleep tired. YASUZOU is, children in the absence of a parent, it's the importance of earning on their own, I wanted to teach. Firefly of the house of chopped vegetables are completely on track, sales also went well. Operating costs of firefly of the house also, sufficient sales, with is financed. Extra income, around the future of the accumulation of expansion and of children shredded vegetables, YASUZOU also TAIRA also, their reward is, did not ask at all. YASUZOU also TAIRA also, of the firefly of philanthropy house operated, in the muscle of their own run, subsidies from public organizations, did not receive even a short one yen.
In the New Year holiday, the firefly of the house graduates, came to return home one after another. Taking to them there is no parent, firefly of the house is a family home, TAKEI brother and sister is a Papa large Mama small mom, children had a brother-sister. Some of the graduates, already, there was also a person who became a councilman and entrepreneurs. The children, in the reunion of a long time of the brother-sister, had been around in hilarity. New Year holiday, the number of fireflies house, swelling to several times, but was in a state of sleep grounder, it is, only a large family, was good to experience. During, TAKEI business CO., Who worked in LTD is, there was a considerable number. A rice cake with according to the annual graduates began the end of the year. Firefly of the house of the rice cake with is, have decided roles, graduates per a rice cake, children will paint a rice cake captive , had finished rice cake of oval. To have a punch are heavy for children, Noshimochi (flat large rice cake) is, because it does not cut easily to the children, the role of the children, to the oval, and, say, was the consideration of YASUZOU. Harmony and Level is a rice cake with, had been watched with great interest. Graduates, began filled with pennies to lottery bag. Harmony and Level heard to graduate because translation is not divided. Graduates "every year, their will, to the children every one of firefly of the house in the New Year, also. Themselves to be prepared in order to give out, when I was in the firefly of the house, from the senior graduates, I got," he said, Said. Harmony and Level, which wanted to join the fellow, coin of prepared did not. Once you talk to TAIRA "just, in the sales proceeds is coin of chopped vegetables in the end of the year, a lot, because there, I got When? In exchange," said, is said, in exchange with the sales proceeds, the children of the number of people lottery numbers, I was able to provide. YASUZOU had to equalize the amount of the annual lottery, allowed to write the names of the graduates in the table of lottery bag. Harmony is Harmony and Level wrote a letter and Level, in your year ball bag. 22
Bells on New Year's Eve had been sounded. YASUZOU is, thereafter I read the diary written by GIEMON and SHIZU, when the sound of each year of the late bell to, following the GIEMON, the meaning of the bell, the children of the firefly of the house, came to speak. "People, 108 bad it is there for it ... this year of bad conduct events, go! And flying, say 108 times, I he has hit the bell," said he said. Children, clogged an unscrupulous act of each other, arguing began, firefly of the house was uproar. "A You are, I hit my head!", "B-chan, do not you return my eraser!", "C child is, I ate my chocolate!" Said, sipping a nose Said. SUMIKO as "noisy. The person who has bad Please apologize" is in a loud voice, I say soothing, children, and "I'm sorry" to each of the other party, had been head down. Commotion fits of children, "New Year, Thank you Congratulations" words of, was Magic jump in the firefly of the house. Graduates, to the children of the firefly of the house, began to pass your year ball. In front of the graduates lined up in a row, the children of the firefly of the house, walked with me a year your ball. At the end, so I lined AKI · TATHUNOSUKE · YOUKO · TAIRA · MARIKO · MOMOKO · SUMIKO · YASUZOU, Harmony and Level also lined up in the tail end. One of the girls, a letter does not know, to Level "This (Harmony · Level), what do you write Aru to be?" And, because it was asked "is Harmony and Leve", was the answer. Although the contents of the lottery is small, and match graduates and adults of the number of people, since the large number of people, each one of your year ball children became the amount of moderation. Children, had been flying around in rapture. In firefly of the house-all, the annual every year, to see the New Year's Day of the sunrise, walked near the coast. New Year's Day of dawn in the fine weather, sunrise of the Pacific Ocean, was fantastic. In children it is cold, with embrace in Harmony and Level. From seeing the sunrise, everyone, has returned to the firefly of the house. Adult women, put a fire in the kitchen, made a rice cake. The rice cake in addition to the oval type of rice cake, vegetables take in firefly home vegetable garden is, was in plenty. Graduates and children, to the reckless, ate the rice cake. When the eating end, children, under the influence of the night from last night, place, fell asleep anyway, large people were around and over the blanket. Becomes in the afternoon, YASUZOU and SUMIKO and MOMOKO was watching the New Year's card at the kitchen table. Most New Year's card is a graduate of the New Year's card of can not be homecoming firefly house, there is also a group photo of the child is in, the YASUZOU · SUMIKO · MOMOKO, referred to as the grandfather-chan, large-grandmother and small grandmother, was put It was. YASUZOU is "I also can grandchild, or grandfather-chan!" And, say, happily, was watching the New Year's card that is reflected in the children. MOMOKO mouth is handicapped in Down syndrome is, in the order of magnitude of joy how, or see up close the photo, was repeated or look away. Cat at the feet of MOMOKO (TAMA), was equipped with Wrapped around. MOMOKO is blessed with Down syndrome peculiar tenderness, from beginning to end, was not a smile. TAMA when the kitten, in a firefly of the house of the vegetable garden, MOMOKO is picked up, was loved by both the waking. On the second day, alumni and children, to see the New Year's card, to graduates of can not be homecoming firefly house, I wanted to meet. YASUZOU's "recently TAIRA, in the children to move to the house of the firefly, waif not at all. Children to move is, and has been neglected children, children that have been abused in domestic violence was the most . world also, the thing that has changed ", was leaked.
New Year holiday is also the end, graduates, go back to the workplace of each, of firefly house, he returned to the usual life. TAIRA was the office to headquarters along with the Level. After a long time, it was New Year arrival in Japan. To executive employees TAIRA, requested the greeting of the New Year. TAIRA in front of employees, said his idea. "Human maximum of illness, is loneliness. The loneliness, from their society, and became a human being that does not need, it's time to feel. Opposite of love is indifference. Indifference is the loneliness of the beginning. Indifference if continued, nobody you, will no longer rely on. if the act with the interest, you are relying on, you born motivated, it leads to a sense of fulfillment. and self-satisfaction can be obtained only yourself a sense of enhancement it is. in my actions, if the other person rejoice, do not deserve to self-satisfaction. well as donations, charity, volunteer, athlete, entertainer, you have to give pleasure to people GIEMON is also the same. Please provide products that consumers rejoice. The human senses there are five senses. It is a visual, hearing, touch, taste, smell. Directly in the ad, be able to convey the product, only the visual and auditory, tactile, taste-olfactory image, only they have conveyed in the speculation, speculation. Product directly in the visual GIEMON, you can tell the consumer. Visual, effective advertising, please carry out. Sense of tactile, after the consumer has been wearing, to determine. When the products across the consumer, is the end Tara poor quality. Quality management should be thorough. And ", he concluded. Was applause from employees.
Only a week, YASUZOU, along with YASUZOU family and TAIRA · Harmony · Level, I thought I would go home to the house of YASUZOU. When everyone is in a cafeteria, always, MOMOKO entering the preparation of breakfast going on first thing in the morning is, even if at breakfast, did not appear. Suspicious I thought SUMIKO is, entered the room of MOMOKO. TAMA is, I was there to sleep with the MOMOKO. SUMIKO The "MOMOKO, Get up", but said, reply of MOMOKO did not. TAMA also licking the face of MOMOKO, had been raised. Breath of MOMOKO had already ceased. "MOMOKO, get up!" "MOMOKO, get up!" SUMIKO is, desperately, shook the body of MOMOKO. Everyone who put listening to the loud voice of SUMIKO is, came into the room. YASUZOU is "MOMOKO, Wake up!" "MOMOKO, Wake up!" And, yelled. Children of firefly of the house is a "small mom!" "Small mom!", He had burst into tears. Children's eyes, was a bright red with tears. Also in the eyes of adults, it tears brimming. If it, from the two or three days before, expression of MOMOKO was not dull. MOMOKO of Down syndrome, mouth is lame, he from his physical condition is bad, it was not able to tell. Come ambulance, emergency personnel can verify the pupil and pulse, from with hands clasped in prayer, not is transported to the hospital, I went back. After a while, you come coroner doctor, confirmed the death. The cause of death, of Down syndrome man many develop, was a congenital heart disease due to complications. Face of a person who has died of MOMOKO, was peaceful. YASUZOU and SUMIKO is, "What is Down syndrome, than the average life span, only one third place, not live" earlier from a, it has been announced from the doctor. MOMOKO is more than doubled, it was alive. YASUZOU A "for a long time for the children, Do not worked hard. Cheers for hard work. Thank you," said, was hands in prayer. Everyone, was modeled by hands in prayer. TAMA has not away from the futon. That day, firefly of the house of the child, she did not stop crying. Obituary of MOMOKO is, immediately, widely known to the graduates of the firefly house, graduates of the funeral has not cut off the after. Remove the surface cover, graduates all, a "small mom!", Had burst into tears cry. Two days later, the non-denominational funeral was carried out in the firefly of the house. The house of the firefly, was specified in the funeral hall, in the treatment of MOMOKO was hard most, was the thoughtfulness of YASUZOU. The altar, MOMOKO was cooking every day, of the vegetable garden vegetables, ordered a lot. Coffin lid, were not close to funeral mass. TAMA, together with MOMOKO, Mom went into the coffin, did not get away. Graduates and, firefly of the house of the children of the eulogy is, accounted for the majority of the funeral time. Chorus due to the children, became the Elegy of the funeral. The song, MOMOKO of Down syndrome is, always was not humming, it was the only song. Firefly pendant MOMOKO took over Level is. Became so time of the funeral mass, SUMIKO was removed from the coffin the TAMA. Everyone carries the hearse the coffin, MOMOKO had traveled to the permanent country. Everyone is praying hands, horn of the hearse is, long, long, rang. Everyone, the voice of sob is, did not stop. With the ashes from the crematorium, it was returned to the firefly of the house. When you enter the room of MOMOKO, TAMA is, in one animal sadly, was sitting. The next day, he paid the remains of MOMOKO to Tomb of enshrinement. The Crypt, a large number of graduates and the children of the firefly of the house were also witnessed. "Small Mom, you very much!" From graduates and, crying mingled cry, rose. All had been head down in a heartbreaking thought. Of mid-winter, it was the burial of a cold day. That day, after the burial, the return of the firefly of the house, entered the room of MOMOKO. TAMA was there. Eye of TAMA is, the return of MOMOKO, was being awaited plated.
Funeral even settled down, YASUZOU I came back to the mansion. The Harmony and Level, was the Philippines and every day of the cultural differences with Japan. Harmony is, and for the TAIRA, taught by YOUKO and AKI, began a study of Japanese cuisine. Beginning in miso soup, such as kinpira burdock tempura, meat and potatoes..., We learned the rough of the cuisine. I decided to learn in-depth Japanese cuisine, Harmony was a daily struggle. At the same time, it was also resumed study of language of Harmony and AKI.
At night for a while was, came a phone call from SUMIKO to the original YASUZOU. Cat of TAMA is, but so was there dead in the room of MOMOKO. TAMA is, Mom was confined to the room of MOMOKO, continue to wait for the return of MOMOKO, SUMIKO is, be given the food, the most mouth, but so did not. In a few children and SUMIKO of firefly of the house, keep Crypt to the Tomb of enshrinement, was the phone with. SUMIKO finishing the phone, along with the children of the firefly of the house, I went out to the vegetable garden. Out of season, two dogs of the fireflies, across the front of everyone, was disappeared in the night sky of the star. One person of children "that fireflies, small Mom and TAMA," said, said. SUMIKO is "small mom and TAMA is, up to the sky, was made to your star clients. Our star clients, two more I have," said said. Children, had watched in the night sky. 23
From the end of the year, to the original TAIRA, may be starring the Harmony and Level in commercials GIEMON, the opinion referred and had received many more executives. Focusing on two popular from Japan, to the good-looking of good looks and Level of Harmony, want to rent a power, referred to as, was content. TAIRA is, Level aside, was not reluctant in its opinion. Taking in TAIRA, Harmony is my treasure, such as the exposure (Salas) that the public was outrageous . After all, TAIRA decided to be cast only Level. AKI I heard the story from the Level, the mind was not in the gas. TAIRA is, to Garcia Senior Managing Director and Roberto Perez of the Philippines, determines the commercial appearance of Level , return home was told over the phone that the delayed significantly. Level of commercial appearances, on television of video takes and advertising photography, was over one month. To DOZOU, new employees of the next season is, was visiting several people. TAIRA came crawling up from the rock bottom is, not like students of exam study specialized type of well-known universities, students and of late bloomer at the University of second-rate, third-rate, preferred the students who are attending night school in scholarship. TAIRA is "to students of the prestigious university, lose it!" To new employees and, flew drama.
While in Japan, is the birthday of TAIRA, it celebrated the traditional end of winter of February three days. YASUZOU is, the soybean of the square "demon outside, happiness inner" and, say, were seeded in the garden and the indoor. It was also sown in Harmony and Level. Harmony is amused by "demons outside" and, say, threw soybean toward the TAIRA. AKI is "in the Japanese habit referred to as my wife safety, to those who want to stay near threw useless is" to Harmony and has been described. Harmony is "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry" and had apologized to TAIRA. And said, "Happy Birthday", she, the handmade passport cover of birthday gifts, passed.
Appeared in commercials, the popularity of Level of good-looking was amazing. Speculation of executives was hitting. And interviews offensive from the media, in such as fans gather packed in a company, Level was very. Popularity of momentum, the wave of fan without knowing that the stop ranged up to the mansion of YASUZOU. TAKEI business CO., LTD is hurriedly, was addressed to fan open the autograph session. Of course, Level to the processing of, talk of turning from entertainment related to talent, but he microcomputer, Level absolutely, we did not have an ear to hear. Level is, himself, TAKEI business CO., It had been considered a LTD of the family.
In summary, the commercial appearance of Level also with paragraph, the three people came to be able to return to the Philippines. Listen to the story of the return home, AKI was blocking. Eve, YASUZOU saw a strange dream. That dream, and infant stay in the middle of the TAIRA and Harmony, three people had stayed holding hands. Infant in the middle was YASUZOU. All three people, was where a rather lonely. And a little advance, road, was divided into two. Harmony goes to one person, left in the direction, TAIRA proceeds to one person, the right direction, only YASUZOU of young children have been left in place. YASUZOU had shed tears. Two people each, and advances the left and right of the road, the road is joined, in its place, there is a Tomb of enshrinement. Two of the figure has changed to two dogs of the firefly. If you look good, the road is in the heart-shaped, is where two people were joined, heart, was a place where streaks at the top. YASUZOU was jumped by a nightmare. At the same time, I felt a nasty uneasiness. TAIRA and Harmony and Level headed to the airport. YASUZOU is "to see from behind of TAIRA is, spicy" and, say, left alone in the mansion. TAIRA is, I father also became brittle tears getting older. I thought. At the airport, executive employees than the original, all of the firefly house came send-off the three people. AKI is tears, it did not release the hand of Level. Then, three people went into the starting slot. Boarding get to the gate as soon as I'm a heavy smoker of TAIRA is, invite Level, it has gone to the smoking room. One person, Harmony left in the seat of the boarding gate, was a restless state. Natural and (deer), Manila line riding the trio, took off from Narita Airport. Under eyes to, a number of golf courses looked. "Executive Director, do you watering the golf?" And, Level heard. And "do not do because I hate", TAIRA answered. And "Why?", Level is asked. TAIRA the "Japan of the plain, at 25% of the country, very few. Food self-sufficiency rate of Japan is 40 percent. Japan's prime minister is also the most, we should increase the self-sufficiency rate. And, have to say. This vast golf a place, I've applied to food production, Japan's food self-sufficiency rate equivalent to extend. of all the sports, golf courses, are in need the most wide competition area. previously, here, live also raccoon and fox in the stomach. deforestation of tropical rainforests, criticized the collapse of the ecosystem of other countries, in the country building a golf course, it should increase. self-sufficiency rate, which broke the ecosystem. and, the prime minister claiming , himself, but. riddled with contradictions that have a golf on a golf course. it sufficient gate ball. If you want to do golf, not to destroy the ecosystem, by food production in a good. Golf After doing in the Sahara and Mongolia grassland if, the children of food Smokey Mountain that are hungry, just make one? I which, make sure that they are not complicit in the golf course with ", he said. [So GIEMON is, golf wear - I do not make] and, Level was realized. And "do not do because I hate", TAIRA answered. And "Why?", Level is asked. TAIRA the "Japan of the plain, at 25% of the country, very few. Food self-sufficiency rate of Japan is 40 percent. Japan's prime minister is also the most, we should increase the self-sufficiency rate. And, have to say. This vast golf a place, I've applied to food production, Japan's food self-sufficiency rate equivalent to extend. of all the sports, golf courses, are in need the most wide competition area. previously, here, live also raccoon and fox in the stomach. deforestation of tropical rainforests, criticized the collapse of the ecosystem of other countries, in the country building a golf course, it should increase. self-sufficiency rate, which broke the ecosystem. and, the prime minister claiming , himself, but. riddled with contradictions that have a golf on a golf course. it sufficient gate ball. If you want to do golf, not to destroy the ecosystem, by food production in a good. Golf After doing in the Sahara and Mongolia grassland if, the children of food Smokey Mountain that are hungry, just make one? I which, make sure that they are not complicit in the golf course with ", he said. [So GIEMON is, golf wear - I do not make] and, Level was realized.
Three people arrived at the Manila airport. Was a surprise return home. TAIRA is, I think that interfere in GIEMON Shop and Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd. of the business, to avoid the pick-up to the airport of the local staff. That day, the next day straight to condominium, and attendance in the office. In harbinger no arrival, the staff had been enigmatic hurry bunch. TAIRA is, immediately, by telephone in the office, calling the only Garcia Senior Managing Director and Roberto Perez. Around two people during the day, appeared in the office. First of all, I Rora the labor of Mr. Firefly to Roberto, together in the future, and asked and I want to continue Mr. Firefly. Roberto gave us consent willingly. TAIRA is, and GIEMON executive staff, to Garcia managing director and Roberto, were talking about the future of the company policy. Japan is a country of the highest corporate tax in the world. Multinational companies, only the location of the head office, or transferred to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, is the world of the shipowner, the ship that you own, and the Liberia-flagged Africa, have escaped the tax. Exchange rate is the appreciation of the yen. Interest rates in Japan, is followed by a zero interest rate. Japan, the economy in deflation is sluggish, hollowing out of industry is accelerating. This country, in the migrant superpower, cheap labor where labor costs are abundant. Low labor costs, the production cost of goods, be a factor depressing, it can also deal with deflation. Japanese TAKEI business CO., The interests of the LTD, under the pretext of patent fee or royalty, cheap corporate tax Philippine subsidiary, to move to the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd.. Apart from the corporate income tax, incentives in the new industrial park of some Manila suburb, to newly established GIEMON brand of factory. Such as is, it had become the basis of policy.
After half a month, the Tokyo TAKEI business CO., LTD from headquarters, a large number of executives came to enforcement. During, Bangladesh who executives of DOZOU also, was there. Movement of profits from the headquarters, contributed to the factory founding. Originally, the financial institutions of Japan, thick lead of some TAKEI business CO., LTD was further in close relationship with Japanese financial institutions. Cheap Japanese financial institutions interest rates, contributed to the financing of the Philippines. TAIRA is, the executives of Bangladesh who was appointed plant manager of Manila. This country are having a surplus labor force, but did not struggle is for a job at the factory, TAIRA had instruction as much as possible the poor, such as Smokey Mountain, so as to employment. However, if too much about one month, a factory employee, tardiness, absenteeism continuously variable and, such as changing jobs, low morale of employees frequently. Factory length employees, talk about basic philosophy of GIEMON, began from that to enforce the rules of employment. Garcia managing director and Roberto is the first time to look at the garment factory, which had been visited with great interest, the TAIRA, was not thought to involve two people GIEMON brand. This country, there is a rainy season and a dry season, it had been attacked by a drought occasionally. TAIRA is, even in the dry season, pulling the irrigation pipe from a water source to water is not extinct, if across the continent was thinking the infrastructure business supplied to the field can be laying the crude oil pipeline, connecting with a long distance from the water source , that's also possible water irrigation pipeline, it had been envisioned. If irrigation pipe exposed on the ground, only it needs to join the pipe and the pipe, than the construction costs of the irrigation canals by the civil engineering work, was considered to go up cheaply. Irrigation channels, when the slope is not, but can not provide water, irrigation pipes by multiplying the hydraulic pressure, may send water, gradient speculated that there is no relationship. Construction is only flow of water over the water pressure When completed, labor costs after construction, was considered not to need little in the only facility of security. Only the amount of water used in irrigation pipe, but ripe with substantial gains can be obtained. TAIRA has obtained the approval to Garcia executive director, embarked on business. Mayor who memorial MASAYOSI is there also, spared no cooperation. Compared to the civil engineering work of the irrigation canal, because it is only of the construction work to connect the pipe, the construction period was extremely short. It is, fire engine to extend the hose over the water pressure, and for fire fighting, was similar. The irrigation project is attention, the request of the pipe laying were received many, laying construction, of migrant workers abroad, also became a place of domestic employment. TAIRA is [water Wins person, wins the country] of, think of the proverb, slightly myself also, the kana nibbled, was not gloating.
the Philippines, Level is a pop star of GIEMON is extremely busy with such as commercial photography in the field, has become irregular also working hours. Return home to three months past a certain date, to GIEMON shop Manila one shop that Level is working, suddenly, chubby AKI appeared. That day, Level are even people, the work of the commercial was not. No travel experience to overseas AKI is, only English and Tagalog, which I learned on his own, at one shop Manila Level is working, has arrived. Level is "the consent of YASUZOU, came that?" And, when asked, AKI is, and next to pretend, "came at the discretion" of the neck, was the answer. Suddenly, Level is to call TAIRA, AKI is that you are coming to GIEMON shop, he told. TAIRA in YASUZOU, was an emergency phone. That day, Level is to leave early the store, it took the AKI in the condo. Evening, returned home to condos TAIRA and Harmony, TAIRA from the office, that was the phone in Japan of YASUZOU, told AKI and Level. YASUZOU is, to that went out without permission, equivalent, not angry, AKI is, had a bad laugh of punishment. That night, while chatting is four people, in the tempura dishes made of Harmony, was taking dinner. AKI is, the progress the first time in Japanese cuisine of Harmony, had been praised. Maid in the room, it had been vacant. A late-night, Level and AKI took the sleep in a separate room. The next morning, AKI is, because it does not come to occur over time, Harmony is, except for the maid of the room. The room was empty. I think suspicious, I opened the room of Level, AKI was sleeping along with the Level. And after a while AKI is "Good morning Thank you", I came awake to say. AKI is in Harmony with the "last night, the same by the .Harmony of got put on the Level", proudly, he showed the arm and chest two places of hickey. TAIRA and Harmony was postponed face I'm amazed. Level is, it came out of the room to embarrassed likely. Of AKI, it was the wife stormed. After a few days, Level and AKI is a small church of Manila, TAIRA and Harmony was married to attend. 24
The next day, Harmony is in TAIRA in the office, I spoke with a serious look. AKI is all day, as long as they are in the condo, not able to show their bodies to TAIRA. Because I love TAIRA, I want to show the body. It was of the content. TAIRA occasionally, lay the hard Harmony to feel self-conscious in the condo dining room table, was a love to watch the body. TAIRA is, again, to the gentle and devoted Harmony, was filled with deep emotion.
TAIRA also in the Philippines, I wanted to build a firefly of the house. Middle people between the Harmony, is also not able to have children, was a factor in the idea of providing a private school. And Harmony · Level · AKI, from executives of the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd., takes the agreement, close to the Smokey Mountain, founded a private school, and peaceful school YASUZOU the name, was. Also phone in YASUZOU of Japan, you got to understand. YASUZOU had humbly to the school name. There was a single phone call from the United States of Seattle. It is, Sato Williams of her husband, is Robert Williams, was picked up in the days of the Korean War, South Korea's adoption, was a phone call from Daniel. "I want to participate in the peaceful school YASUZOU and resonance to TAIRA of activities. Yourself now, but have a high school teacher in Seattle, I'm going to go to Manila to retirement. Mother of Sato Williams is, GIEMON san and SHIZU san, and became a care much, the to have. they give back to hear from the mother, you want with, "" father of Robert Williams in the content, retired the aircraft-related company, home of the mother of the SATO and old age to have. younger brother of John, which spent in is, living with his parents in a married couple, the son also two people are .John is, my father was working, he has worked in the same aircraft-related company. Anna sister of Southern California to get married, have lived Sanjeegoni. Anna is your husband in the military, have been working on the naval base of Sanjeego, daughter're one person. Dog, Fotal = Firefly has died of old age. Yourself yet, in single, to Seattle suburb of the apartment, there lived in the living alone. Parents, and "I want to meet TAIRA's, the recent state of the SATO family, was talking on the phone.
A week later, Daniel came to Manila along with SATO couple. TAIRA and Harmony was greeted at the airport. First meeting of Daniel is a strong physique, slightly than TAIRA, was older. SATO is a DOZOU, Robert just met at the main gate of him being stationed troops to SHIZU, because any era of Baby, the TAIRA, two people of the memory is there was no. SATO and Robert is a white-haired elderly old man, was a mild feeling. Three people are, and "How do you do?" To TAIRA and Harmony, was greeting. TAIRA and Harmony as "How do you do?", Was the answer. In the car toward the office, SATO is, when you are changing the diapers in DOZOU, to TAIRA et al., Baby, was the story that has been multiplied by the piss. Harmony is laughter, TAIRA was there with a wry smile. From the next day, mainly Harmony is, the SATO and Robert, was guided to the Manila and Luzon attractions over one week. Robert had shown interest in jeepney (vans car). Harmony is also in town memorial MASAYOSI is there, it carried the foot. SATO and Robert was looking at the memorial in the fullness of the heart. SATO is, applying a handkerchief to the eyes, the last dance at the wedding of MASAYOSI and SHIZU, had floated feelings. On the other hand, TAIRA in the office, from Daniel, the experiences such as the time in the background and ideas and high school, was over heard. He is also in the building site of the peaceful school YASUZOU were assistance. It is, secretly the first meeting of Daniel, it was as if they were interviewing. Harmony was about a week, I came back from the tourist information of SATO and Robert. SATO and Robert is, the day before returning to the United States, went to Manila Bay in five people. After a while, it was also joined Level and AKI. Evening, Manila Bay, was shining in the usual madder. As always, the singer of the town with a violin, while playing the violin, began singing, TAIRA and Harmony is, it began to dance in the back the sunset of Manila Bay. Level and AKI also, began to dance. Tempted is, the old couple of SATO and Robert was also dancing together. Only Daniel is, it was out of the loop. TAIRA finishing dance, pay the money to the singer, in the vicinity of the Philippine masses cuisine restaurant, it was to guide everyone. Before meals, TAIRA to Daniel, and asked that take the principal of peaceful school YASUZOU. And "I will do my best", he said, Daniel was OK. At the same time TAIRA was also announced that their own is Chairman. SATO and Robert is, in TAIRA et al., Thanked the principal appointment of son · Daniel. The next day, SATO and Robert returned home to Seattle, USA.
peaceful school YASUZOU was completed in about three months. Daniel was hired four-five Filipino teachers. AKI is, taking advantage of the firefly of the house of experience, he was in charge of the children's meal. Children of Smokey Mountain also gathered in the well, the free school management also looked as if go smoothly. However, when two-three weeks, children of non-attendance at school after another. The staff of the school, embarked on investigation of the cause. Cause was found. Children is an important earner, if you go to school, of their life had fallen into poverty. The staff was struggling. Daniel was consulted to TAIRA. TAIRA is, children if school to school, was proposed so that distribute money and goods. Costs, Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd. has been burden. Then, the children came back to school. Out to two days a week the town, like wiping the window glass of the shoe shine and car, he was also teaching that make the children on their own. It is, in Japan, and the education policy of the firefly of the house of chopped vegetables, was exactly the same. After a while, a new problem arose. Among the orphans, without returning home even finished class, to the classroom of the school, who sleeping appeared. TAIRA will build a dormitory, at all times, Level and AKI is, was set to live. It is, do not feel free at the condo property, leads to that is to show their bodies to TAIRA, Harmony was glad. Gradually, Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd. of the business is left to the executives, TAIRA and Harmony in the morning, go to the peaceful school YASUZOU to start the condo, it became a lot time to stay until the evening. At the same time, the peaceful school YASUZOU, will be like settle the stray dogs and stray cats, TAIRA and Daniel is, outside of Koto, I wanted cute. TAIRA is a KINAKO, Daniel is the pet dog, and Fotal = Firefly, was both a pleasure and pain, there is memories of childhood. The spirit of two people of the animal welfare without an inch of difference, referred to as "human beings and animals also a same life!", Was the inheritance of GIEMON spirit. The welfare spirit, also penetrate into the children of the school, at night in the children's dormitory (dormitories), were also those who sleep with dogs and cats. TAIRA is, teach Japanese to children, Harmony was followed by every day to the children of the care. Taking a child there is no two people, children of the peaceful school YASUZOU, was my child no better.
GIEMON brand, Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd. also, peaceful school YASUZOU also, all goes well. Politicians and officials gave the eye it is, to feed their own position, but came to request a bribe, TAIRA refused absolutely. Memories of the old days of KUROKAWA shops downfall is, in the mind of TAIRA was left to clear. The original, the first lady, also in the lives of lavishness at the Malacanang palace, was amazed. However, the behavior of TAIRA to favor only the poor and peasants, it became antagonize form to the wealthy, landed gentry, privileged class. And the ruling class of the wealthy, is TAIRA there is a difference in the way of thinking, gradually, the number of opportunities to deepen the revolutionary forces and friendship, also became as to donations to politicians of reformist. 25
Three years have passed. One day, criminal four-five people without even harbinger has appeared in the peaceful school YASUZOU with the arrest warrant of TAIRA. Suspicion, the anti-government armed forces, was the sin of political prisoners that are funded. The TAIRA, did not have quite remember to wear. The detective, TAIRA and acquaintance out the name of the politician of the reformist group that there is "the politicians, have already entered the jail" and, says "He is, of Mindanao, it is a member of the Islamic anti-government armed forces with ", he said. TAIRA is, politicians of reformist that he is offering is, such as it is a human anti-government armed groups, did not know at all. peaceful school YASUZOU everyone, was interfering with the arrest of TAIRA. The children, all the things, threw in the criminal us. Dogs and cats, was bit threatened criminal us. The staff of the school, became a detective with us fighting. All of resistance vain, TAIRA was criminal in handcuffs entrainment. Harmony is, it broke down on the ground with a loud voice. Daniel has suffered a deep wound to the forehead. Children also, was crying by hitting the ground. Dogs and wounded, the cat, was there lying on the ground. It was a tragic sight. Substantial CEO of GIEMON, restraint of the news of TAIRA TAMURA is, became known in the blink of an eye in Japan. TAIRA, the extent of the disappointment of YASUZOU who knew the constraints, outside of Koto, was exceptional. TAIRA in Japan, name recognition was higher as a philanthropist. The government also pressed after the public opinion, issued a release request to the parties. Also in the field, employees and the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd., mayor of memorial MASAYOSI is there is a center, was pleading for the release in the signature activity. But, release request of TAIRA that are hated by the wealthy, landed gentry, privileged class did not through the local government. Harmony became one person, like it is stuffy drawn to condos. Animation is also lost, it was her grief is immeasurable. Harmony is, even after two months, also the office, to be peaceful school YASUZOU, it did not appear. Worried, Level and Garcia managing director, visited the condominium. Even if you press the bell there is no response, the door key had been closed. Level entered the condominium in the duplicate key. The room is scattered, Harmony was there sitting crouching in a corner of the room. Her gaze, stared at the floor. Cheeks, moss thin thinning, very much the meal, seemed not taken. Level enters the kitchen, it gave to Harmony to make a meal. Level and Garcia Executive Director appeased the Harmony, and the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd., become a mayor who is and united the memorial of MASAYOSI is there, so continue to expand the movement of TAIRA of the release request, as work harder Harmony Satoshi did. Release request movement, have already begun, even peaceful school YASUZOU and peasants and the general public, had participated all together. Irrigation business of pipe laying of TAIRA is, it had gained the support from the general public of this country. Harmony is, the release of TAIRA, I stood at the top, most, that are in a position that must be work hard, he realized. After a few hours, AKI is with the food, was rushed to the condominium. Level and AKI is worried about Harmony that is discouraged by one person, I decided to live back to the condo. Prison term of TAIRA was decided in five years. Harmony is at the forefront, along with everyone, 7 days a week from morning till night, was busy trying to exercise and signature activities of the release movement of TAIRA. Gradually, skinny thinned body of Harmony also went back to the original. Just, that time, boys were born between Level and AKI. Level is the son, was named MASAYOSI in honor of Our Benefactor Mr. Masayoshi Tamura. Birth of nephew, also became a factor in the recovery of the physical strength of Harmony. But, the activities of the release request, did not achieved the success on a single line.
TAIRA from being imprisoned, three years have passed. Administration of this country, has been moved from the conservative to the liberal regime of doves. Without even while the new government is inaugurated, in the original Harmony, notification of the amnesty was received from the new government. Two years, prison term has been reduced. Achievements and of irrigation projects of TAIRA, and free school · peaceful school YASUZOU, also feat of father · MASAYOSI, had entered the ear of the new administration. In the statement of trapped reformist politicians, the fact you are a man of Islamic anti-government armed groups, that had been hidden in TAIRA also, the new government had to obtain. Timing of reformist politicians were statement is an initial restraint of TAIRA, the old regime that held the antipathy to TAIRA is, the statement, has also been found that the shelving.
TAIRA is, one person in the appearance of emaciated, was out of the prison of the main gate. Only have parked a single passenger cars, figure did not. TAIRA is, he realized that he can source at an early stage, everyone I do not know, and. TAIRA began to walk the side of the prison wall. Passenger car that was stopped is, like chasing after the TAIRA, but quietly began to move, TAIRA did not notice. TAIRA is, around the end of the wall. Passenger car was parked in front of the corner. Down is one of the figure from the passenger car, was attached to the back of the TAIRA. With one hand covering the eyes of TAIRA, on the back with one hand, wrote that I LOVE YOU, hugged from behind "TAIRA, I love!" And, whispered. Out of nowhere, a lot of cars, were gathered around the TAIRA. Harmony did away with embracing the TAIRA. It was filled with tears in the eyes. From the car, one after another, even the children of Level · AKI · Daniel · Garcia Managing Director · Roberto Perez and Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd. of employees and peaceful school YASUZOU has Suriyo' to TAIRA et al in come down tears. Everyone was crying with happy tears. TAIRA was phone to YASUZOU of Japan from Harmony mobile phone. YASUZOU is, clog the voice, it was like crying. YOUKO that replaced the telephone as well, joy, was crying. On the phone near the YOUKO, it was hear the cry of a baby. TAIRA is the one year position to return to the Philippines, between the TATHUNOSUKE, but so girls could. The name YASUZOU is, in honor of the wife of GIEMON, but so was named ASAKO. Now, ASAKO the "grandpa-chan" the YASUZOU, but so is called. I called to firefly house SUMIKO. SUMIKO also, was crying with the feeling of joy and relief. Children of firefly of the house also, I wanted to listen to the voice of TAIRA, it was replaced a phone call one after another. To return to the office, I received the blessing of employees who. Mayor who located the monument were also rushed. Telephone blessing from home and abroad was followed. TAIRA, the release of the news arrived in Japan, was transmitted also truth of politicians of the statement of reformist. That day, Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd. became the revelry of blessing. That night, TAIRA and Harmony is, was returned to the condo, it was in the middle of the night. Concern that you want the TAIRA and Harmony raised in the only two people, Level and AKI was returned to the peaceful school YASUZOU. Room to enter as soon as "I love, TAIRA" saying, Harmony is with embracing in TAIRA. To enter the bedroom, "tonight, full embrace," he said, said, slept in the nude on a bed. Harmony of body shine to tan, had no previous and even an inch of difference. In the chest, it was glowing firefly pendant. Harmony is to look forward to the return of TAIRA, constantly reflects their bodies to the mirror, was giving attention to body type. That night, repeat the exchange of courtesies of love until the morning, every time, Harmony is a "was good?", Was repeatedly barrage. TAIRA is, the breast and arms of disappeared Harmony, was again with a hickey.
Around noon, TAIRA is and to see the dining room table happening cuisine was put. Food, was a red rice and turkey dishes. And [Tyra Congratulations] in mayonnaise in red rice, had been written in hiragana. When the incline the neck, was celebrated cuisine of compromise between East and West. Harmony is a Japanese song that I learned from MOMOKO of Down syndrome, was in high spirits playing mouth. When the notice to TAIRA "last night, full, you very much me to communion of love .TAIRA, I love" and, saying with embrace, it had been spilling tears of large grain. Harmony is the feedback of TAIRA is, to a great extent, he was glad. The next day, TAIRA and Harmony went to the peaceful school YASUZOU. The classroom, thousand paper cranes has been decorated. Children who eagerly waiting for the return of TAIRA is, at the initiation of AKI, it was what broke. Of "OTOUSAN, welcome back", it was the children of the blast. TAIRA from the past, because I teach Japanese to children, "OTOUSAN" natural children the TAIRA, the Harmony as "OKARSAN", had become as referred to by Japanese. Masayoshi nephew, came crying being chased by a dog. AKI is a Masayoshi, in separated and not policy separately from other children, he had been brought up. It is, AKI of orphans, the idea based on the experience of in the house of fireflies, also of Daniel of the principal was an orphan, was also a guideline. AKI is in Harmony with the "yesterday, I got put hickey?", Listen, Harmony nodded happily. Two people, it was each other to show each other's hickey. Principal of Daniel is, two people in the quizzical, was watching. TAIRA is, to play with the children of many days, had enjoyed. Evening, children, started going out to the car window glass wipe of work, helped also window glass wipe to accompany TAIRA.
And about a week, Minister of Education of the country visited the peaceful school YASUZOU, the fiasco of the old regime, and apologized to TAIRA. Minister of Education, which offered to cooperate in the peaceful school YASUZOU to apologize, TAIRA refused politely, is a person in need in life to the other, so a lot there, and I want you to turn in there, and requested. TAIRA is, himself opened the charity, justification by faith does not, on their own earned force, the run is I think the responsibility, had declined donations from elsewhere. It is, and the idea of the Japanese firefly house, was the same thought of YASUZOU. Night, Harmony is back to the condo, was proposed to go to the Manila Cathedral along with the TAIRA. Manila Cathedral is the head temple of the country's Catholic, was a World Heritage Site. TAIRA is to call peaceful school YASUZOU, it invited the Level and AKI. 26
The next day, four people arrived in Manila Cathedral, TAIRA and AKI is, the size and grandeur of the cathedral, lost its voice. Harmony is the Catholic faithful, in the cross, many times and palms together off the cross, to God, and thanked that TAIRA was returned safely. Congregation · Level as well, I had been praying hands off the cross. TAIRA and AKI of no religion were also praying hands off the cross. TAIRA and AKI of no religion were also praying hands off the cross. My daily life, TAIRA was carrying a contradiction to all of religion. Any religion, but are denied the luxury, Muslim mosque, the head temple of Buddhism, Cathedral of Christianity, the solemn and brilliant would be why? The construction, donations and donated from the believers in need is, in the equivalent there is? This building cost of the cathedral, how much of the Smokey Mountain a waif, I wonder monkey that can eat? The TAIRA, and their own food, to run in the action, some in true charity, and, there was a belief referred to. The belief is, in the inheritance from GIEMON, and houses of Japan's orphanage, firefly, also to free school · peaceful school YASUZOU, was connected.
TAIRA went back to Japan, to live together with the old YASUZOU was me helped grow their own, I thought that it is the feeling of gratitude to YASUZOU. And, TAKEI business CO., Life even in nominal terms to the president of LTD, got to stay in YASUZOU, the idea that he or she became president, was Capillaria no. Also in Harmony he told his will. Harmony gave me favor kindly. TAIRA is called Garcia Senior Managing Director and Roberto Perez in the office, I was planning a Japan trip. Of this trip, and Garcia Managing Director · Roberto · Level · AKI, staff children of peaceful school YASUZOU also included, care to everyone's health, and in the summer southern Philippines and the temperature difference is small. TAIRA is, with live myself and Harmony is in Japan, spoke also determined never to return to the Philippines. Then TAIRA also multiplied by the convening executives of the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd., showed the human resources initiative.
TAIRA went back to Japan, to live together with the old YASUZOU was me helped grow their own, I thought that it is the feeling of gratitude to YASUZOU. And, TAKEI business CO., Life even in nominal terms to the president of LTD, got to stay in YASUZOU, the idea that he or she became president, there was no. Also in Harmony he told his will. Harmony gave me favor kindly. TAIRA is called Garcia Senior Managing Director and Roberto Perez in the office, I was planning a Japan trip. Of this trip, and Garcia Managing Director · Roberto · Level · AKI, staff children of peaceful school YASUZOU also included, care to everyone's health, and in the summer southern Philippines and the temperature difference is small. TAIRA is, with live myself and Harmony is in Japan, spoke also determined never to return to the Philippines. Then TAIRA also multiplied by the convening executives of the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd., showed the human resources initiative. Yourself, stepped down as president of the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd., to the president, appointed a managing director Garcia, the executive director, Japan's TAKEI business CO., The executives of the Japanese who were seconded from LTD, director of the agricultural machinery sector , the appointment of the franchise of Roberto Perez, the GIEMON brand advertising director, with the content you want to promote the Level, president of the peaceful school YASUZOU also, was what Garcia Senior Managing Director to serve concurrently. For a franchise of Roberto, quit the franchise, because it was what you want to transition to full-time executive of the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd., was set to get the informal consent of Roberto.
Everyone, dispersed in jeepney, were gathered in the lobby of the Manila airport. Thus to, Nippon Travel Agency is the beginning of a large number of people, more children of hilarity, the extraordinary was not. TAIRA in the commercial, Level several times a year in the commercial shooting, had been traveling, the airplane of the experience of others everyone, equal to nothing, had disconcertedly. One shot of gunshots, rang in the lobby. TAIRA fell to the lobby. Bullet had penetrated the abdominal TAIRA. The lobby of the floor is red, it was stained with blood.
"Lie, hate, hate, hate" and, shouting loudly, Harmony was hugged TAIRA. peaceful school YASUZOU of children "OTOUSAN, OTOUSAN" and cried. The airport security guards, one of the local youth, was pressed to take custody. TAIRA is hurriedly, was carried on a stretcher to the medical office of the airport. Harmony is, Mom hugged lying TAIRA et al on the bed of the medical office, we did not leave. When the person around the approach as "No! Do not stay away!", Was away crying. TAIRA has quietly opened the eyes. "The children, to go to Japan, the. Children who are looking forward, took me went to Japan" and, say, around is the "Okay", nodded while answering. TAIRA The "Harmony, I love. I love. I love. Thank you", said in a weak voice, closed slowly eyes.ice, closed slowly eyes. Harmony is, clasped the hand of TAIRA "TAIRA, useless, TAIRA, bad, bad, bad, bad," said wailed crazy like. Around even all, I cried. Doctor of the resident that had visited the airport, came jump into the infirmary. Shake off the Harmony, was applying a stethoscope to the chest of TAIRA. The doctor takes the pulse, open the eyelids. It was confirmed that the pupil is open. And "It's your deathbed," said the doctor, got off to a cross towards the TAIRA et al. Harmony broke down on the chest of TAIRA. "The children, to go to Japan, the. Children who are looking forward, took me went to Japan" and, say, around is the "Okay", nodded while answering. TAIRA The "Harmony, I love. I love. I love. Thank you", said in a weak voice, closed slowly eyes. Harmony is, clasped the hand of TAIRA "TAIRA, useless, TAIRA, bad, bad, bad, bad," said wailed crazy like. Around even all, I cried. Doctor of the resident that had visited the airport, came jump into the infirmary. Shake off the Harmony, was applying a stethoscope to the chest of TAIRA. The doctor takes the pulse, open the eyelids. It was confirmed that the pupil is open. And "It's your deathbed," said the doctor, got off to a cross towards the TAIRA et al. Harmony broke down on the chest of TAIRA.
Garcia managing director, is in the head, went blank. Garcia managing director, the children of the Japan trip, if only temporarily postponed, decided on their own judgment. In testimony of constrained local youth, from the wealthy to have antipathy to TAIRA et al., At 15 million pesos (about 400,000 yen), found that was contracted to murder, the human request the wealthy class, one after another He was arrested in manner.

Possession of the gun of the reference materials and private
(Of per 100 population, the number of holdings)
1 place. America 90 gun
2 place. Yemen 61 gun
3 place. Finland 56 gun
28 place. Philippines 5 gun

(Country, held the total number)
1 place. America 270 million gun
2 place. India 46 million gun
3 place. China 40 million gun
20 place. Philippines 4 million gun

(Per 100,000 population, murder cases)
America 3.2 stars 8.9 stars Philippines
※ The Philippines is 2.8 times that of the United States
GIEMON · TAKEI business CO., LTD of managing director, struck down by an assassin's bullet. News in a blink of an eye, transmitted to the domestic and international, has been breaking as breaking news in Japan. Sad obituary will be sent to GIEMON employees around the world, all employees sink into sadness, towards the Manila of direction, was silent prayer. YASUZOU heard the shocking news is temporarily fell into stargazing. And, of firefly house SUMIKO also were similar. YASUZOU is attacked by a sense of hopelessness that breast is tightened, would muffled close to one person room, eyes were filled with tears. It is, TAIRA is, when you go back to Manila, unpleasant dreams YASUZOU have seen, became the come true.
Bodies of TAIRA is so as not to wear and tear, asked the expert skilled in the field, was Enbamingu (stuffed reduction). And, placed in the coffin, it was to be transported from the Manila airport in Japan. In the Manila airport, than the original employees of GIEMON shops and garment factory in the Philippines, it spares the children also parting of the Philippines TAKEI Co. Ltd. and peaceful school YASUZOU, that day, all of the rest, was a state subject to mourning . The airplane, etc. In addition to Garcia, Senior Managing · Roberto · Daniel principal, Bangladesh's mayor that plant-memorial is there of Harmony · Level · AKI, many people were on board along with the coffin. Appearance of heartbreaking Harmony is, it was hard even to see.

The plane arrived at Haneda Airport, the press was waiting. The coffin of TAIRA is, TAKEI business CO., Three days is conveyed to DOZOU of the origin of the LTD, it has been enshrined. DOZOU is, TAIRA was both SHIZU · NAGOMI · TOSHIROU · KINAKO and pleasure and pain, was a distant place of old memories. It is, of Level and Garcia executive director, was jealousy to TAIRA based on the diary. Roberto and Daniel principal, TAKEI business CO of the global enterprise., The core of the LTD is, because it is too small building, was surprised. International students next to the dormitory everyone, greeted the coffin resting the university, had hands in prayer. Garcia managing director, and guided to the dormitory, TAIRA president is open free of charge the dormitory to overseas students, and some here origin, was talking to Roberto and Daniel principal. YASUZOU dropped a shoulder, visited DOZOU, in the coffin, "is TAIRA, back to the big liar is it! Japan, promised! And live with me," embrace with a, Ki crying with a loud voice, the old days of the yakuza vestiges is, there was no. Three days, Harmony and Level and AKI took the floor next to the coffin of DOZOU. Late at night, Harmony went to the floor, stared at the ceiling beams. The day-to-day that TAIRA and NAGOMI spent together, Harmony was turned and feelings. In this DOZOU, young couple, first and last, a song that danced in dance, sang in a low voice. In the eyes of the Harmony, tears were broken.
Funeral of TAIRA is, TAKEI business CO of this town., In the gymnasium of the garment factory of LTD, it was held in a non-denominational. TAKEI business CO., Took to the LTD, this town was a sacred place of the company. Attended a large number of celebrities from various circles, the Minister and the government, was also attended Ministers of the Philippine government. From the United States, SATO of family everyone had rushed. And it is a long line of condoler uninterrupted, column ranged in general road. This town is since its inception, was a big funeral. Harmony, which was sitting on the bereaved relatives, but the heart had behaved stout-hearted to the opposite, YASUZOU is dejection, he had dropped the shoulder. Condolences of attendees was followed. Children of firefly of the house was also mentioned condolences. Condolence telegram, so too a large number, and reading! Only name, the main text is got by omitted. Everyone, in pensive thoughts, and flowers toward the altar. Flowers in the altar, and a portrait of deceased person photo of TAIRA, please see [on the underlying philosophy of GIEMON. People who are working hard than you are, you have full. Please look at the bottom. Poor people than you, you have full. If you can see both, and the amount that you have written a human is], are decorated with diary that has been handed down over three generations of GIEMON · SHIZU · TAIRA, at a later date diary, TAKEI business CO., The Holy Scripture of the LTD became. Harmony and Level is, when I came the first time in Japan, in the planning of executive employees who devised a guide flag, to the funeral of the gift, a small thief style, lunch notification dog character was resurrected limited. It is, TAKEI business CO., Was the origin of the product development of LTD. Executive employees, a limited edition T-shirts carrying the black-kun-white-chan's lunch notice the dog, suddenly, was made through the night to employees of the garment factory. Also willingly cooperation employee, was in time for the funeral. Limited edition T-shirt, distributed to condoler all as a gift, at a later date, the limited edition T-shirts carrying the black-kun-white-chan, with premium.
By the hand of the best executives, the coffin was carried to the hearse. Hearse driver is, when you try to close the back of the door, Level is, temporarily close the door, I asked him as wait. He is, in a cassette deck you have in hand, put the switch. It is a song that was passed when the two people were exchanged of love, TAIRA was a favorite song. "TAIRA!" Until now, was a stout-hearted Harmony, suddenly, broke down in the coffin. Taking in Harmony, TAIRA was all. Pitiful figure pathetic has invited all of the tears. Hearse is, it puts the Harmony in the passenger seat, sounded the horn, was quietly funeral mass. Everyone, the heartless farewell, and hands in prayer crying toward the hearse.
The next day, and the bereaved relatives, only the major parties, was cinerary the remains of TAIRA to Tomb of enshrinement. SATO is, to my family and the best executives, Garcia Managing Director, to Roberto and Daniel principal, explained the origin of the Tomb of enshrinement. That day, in the desire of Harmony, the bereaved relatives only takes the inn to nearby business hotel, while others left the Tomb of enshrinement. Precinct is wrapped in darkness, according to the firefly who, the night of the show of the summer opened the curtain. Harmony also be Level, but was fascinated by the fireflies of the tomb fantasy, next to the Harmony, the figure of TAIRA did not.
The next morning, Level has been knocking on the room of Harmony there is no response, the key had been closed. I think suspicious, Level and "there is no response of Harmony" to YASUZOU, he said. YASUZOU The "Harmony is tired of until yesterday, he had accumulated. Various, in order to take there Do not because I. Tired, I think it is better for a while Mesmerize", was the answer. Past noon. Harmony has not come yet happened. Again, Level and AKI is, has been knocking on the room of Harmony, still there is no response, the key was the state of the mom that has been closed. When two people go in front of the hotel, receptionist, "Mr. Harmony is, early in the morning, front to deposit the key to the room, we went out," said he said. Panic, Level is, the desk clerk, we got to open the Harmony of the room with a duplicate key. AKI is, I went to call the YASUZOU · SUMIKO · YOUKO · TATHUNOSUKE. Room rather than the figure of Harmony in, on top of the bed, firefly of the pendant is put, there was a letter left behind in the buckwheat. Room, the AKI · YASUZOU · SUMIKO · YOUKO · TATHUNOSUKE came in ran. Level is, a letter written in a letter, read in translation. The processing of [TAIRA the letter, go. Firefly pendant, with me, please put in the Tomb of enshrinement. In AKI-chan, you may ask. The NAGOMI chan has entered the Tomb of enshrinement, it does not have a firefly of the pendant. NAGOMI chan is poor. The firefly pendant I got from MOMO chan, please raised to NAGOMI chan. From Level in AKI-chan, a pendant of new firefly, please give got. AKI-chan is the beloved wife of Level] and had been written. Everyone rushed the moment strife, to the Tomb of enshrinement. Time, was already in the afternoon.
From early in the morning, to the Tomb of enshrinement, there was a figure of Harmony, such as husk. Harmony had stared the Tomb of enshrinement. "Last night, I saw the tomb of the firefly. It was a very beautiful .TAIRA is, and Harmony, always, when viewed together, but it said .TAIRA, want to meet, lonely I .Harmony is only alone. Hickey also disappear .TAIRA you are is, forever, I was promised to be with Harmony. in Japan, and YASUZOU grandfather chan · SUMIKO grandmother, and live with TAIRA · Harmony, promised by .TAIRA, please, come back and it! ", to the Tomb of enshrinement, broke down. After a while she stood up, once again, the Tomb of enshrinement, was staring in a straight line. In front of the tombstone human also carved animals that it is the same life, had been carved side by side GIEMON TAMURA in lower case aside. Harmony was turned into the back of the tombstone. From the back, take out the razor, was hit on the wrist. Blood was surges. She, with the blood on the finger, and I LOVE YOU on the back of the tombstone, wrote. Harmony is, it took leaning on the back of the tombstone. She played the mouth a favorite song of TAIRA. With TAIRA, every day was fun is, like the movie, was reflected in the mind of Harmony. In Manila of cabaret, by Manila Bay, I went to the memorial of the day-to-day · MASAYOSI that spent the day Condominium I met the first time, the three animals in it · Smokey Mountain was dancing to the song of the singer Mr. Firefly · peaceful school YASUZOU day-to-day, in Japan that children with the play of, theme park in the hotel's it-ski went to, things · GIEMON went to public baths, only gaffe ... fun storage in the dining room of a garment factory There came to mind. Daytime effulgent light of midsummer is, met the precincts. Harmony is, consciousness and lightheadedness, has been. I loved TAIRA to "because I came after dark, I firefly begins to dance .TAIRA, Let's see together .TAIRA, TAIRA, behold I'm together" ..... ever, was the last of Harmony.


The opposite of love indifference!
Human beings, also small things, it is important that give the love to act on their own. Own good faith the (love) does not need to be secret. The charitable behavior of people, human beings referred to, such as the performance is the lowest of human beings. Appeal to your good intentions (love), increase the fellow of good faith (love).
The maximum of the disease life is lonely. His is not required by anyone and loneliness, it is to feel.
You, if you give love and take action, you are relying from the people, should not be lonely. Sense of fulfillment can be obtained.
1. work also, is the same. Customers must have you.
2. home also, is the same. Family requires you.
3. love also, is the same. Lover requires you.
4. pets, is the same. Pet requires you.
5. athletes also, is the same. The audience is required athletes.
Human beings, it is, it is important to be relied upon
Please look at the top. People who are working hard than you are, you have full. Please look at the bottom. Poor people than you, you have full. If you can see both, you are human beings
Every world, people who are working hard and effort than you will have many. Man when he give up, is the end. Self-satisfaction is, in your only joy, does not give joy to people. You to give a joy, if you can at the same time people also get the joy, not the self-satisfaction. People less fortunate than you will have many.

Of this novel, the characters and animals, please remember. People and animals given love, got a love received humans and animals, are a lot. 28

On your back.I LOVE YOU (PartⅢ)

On your back.I LOVE YOU (PartⅢ)

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