On your back.I LOVE YOU (PartⅠ)

On your back, I LOVE YOU (PartⅠ)
{Works, attached to fiction, the contents are fictional, the facts, there is a different treatment}

North wind in the shutters, as if evoke two people, has been hit. It is enough to cry trembling, it was a cold night.
Midnight TAMURA couple has been reached in the mid-fifty-year-old, and have arrived on the floor, from somewhere, I heard cries of Baby. From around the Front gate, I guess as you are the cries, two people opened the Front gate of Double door. There are, in poor swaddling clothes, Baby went into the wooden box, was not crying. GIEMON has been had embraced the Baby, and passed to the ASAKO of crying Thomas without his wife, ceased crying as soon. "My face is scary because" GIEMON muttered. After a while, Baby laughed and smile toward the two people. And whether the sense of relief, in the arms of ASAKO, fell asleep and peacefully. If you look closely, in the swaddling clothes, like those of the letter was seen. To do this, "I have a woman is .Baby of the Prostitution of shop of the town does not know the father of SHIZU and, say you .SHIZU. Now, I have been affected by disease. Was vomiting blood in the Prostitution of shop is also the other day . maybe, from think you .Prostitution of shop that it is tuberculosis, gave me the floor to pay. I am of the northern Kanto region, is a tenant of the birth of the poor mountain village. the family, of old parents and brother three people and sister seven is a person. worker brother three people today, have been conscripted into the army. I will Prostitution of shop of this town, I was issued in apprenticeship. world says, is reducing the mouths to feed. the remaining parents and sister in his hometown is , their food is also requisitioned in the country, one after another, in the was final. I died, the place does not have to go. in this town, friendly in the wealthy, rumors of TAMURA like to hear, cage beneath .TAMURA like, I thought that there is only clings. how, please help SHIZU. birth certificate, in swaddling clothes, there along with together. Best regards, there wrote thank you "and ask. Also birth certificate, the name of the Baby is had been marked SHIZU. The first two people, take away the Baby in the main house, was wearing aged in their futon. The two people with no childcare experience, a sudden event, the night was a series of confusion.
TAKI of GIEMON and ASAKO and maid discussion, that the Baby of the mother returns, decided to wait. However, ten days even after, Baby's mother did not show up. GIEMON is, Demuki the Prostitution of shop, the Baby of the mother's name and hometown of the address, I got to tell me. At that time, from the Prostitution of shop, the mother photo of Baby, passed one. Photos, but have a heavy makeup, facial features were clearly, was a beautiful woman. Then GIEMON, in order to get the mother of the whereabouts of Baby, went to the police and government office. In the family register department of public office, other than the facts it has been found. Mother of the name of the Baby in the YUKI UCHIYAMA, on the road five days ago, was there died. The cause of death was tuberculosis. TAMURA couple from facing the Baby in Front gate, was the event after five days. In this town, is a prominent wealthy GIEMON TAMURA, is located in a large mansion, DOZOU (Warehouse made with soil) is also there, even maid called TAKI of about forty years old, had been hired. GIEMON is killing in the garment factory, but laid the goods of TAMURA family in one generation, was not blessed with a child. Family is less TAMURA couple, for the maid TAKI, was a family similar treatment. That night, the couple talks, the Baby as their adopted son, decided to put across the street. However, Baby A, because the age difference of about grandson is there, when the Baby is with discretion is a thing of their own, as referred to as the grandfather-chan-grandmother, and discipline kick it, was also conveyed to TAKI. GIEMON's rugged person, but business is good at, from the people of the town, popularity was thick person. The TAMURA house, visit, such as the town of volunteers, there was no withstand it. ASAKO wife there a kind, there in Pert fellow personality, TAKI of the maid, a too serious, was a severe personality a little bit. But gently with three people, the family in its own way, harmony had been taken. GIEMON is, from when the SHIZU adopted, came to take the diary. It is, from the upbringing of SHIZU, thoughts and to SHIZU of gesture, their SHIZU, all such events SHIZU is marked, black-and-white photo of the mother that has been passed from the Prostitution of shop also, had been put on the back of the cover . GIEMON when the SHIZU were adults, this diary, the passing day will come, had been realized.
Then one day that a month has passed, the figure of TAMURA couple who brought SHIZU of Baby, was in the temple of his hometown of YUKI. I asked the temple of the chief priest, the family of YUKI is, everyone, the precincts of the Tomb of enshrinement
To, had been buried. The tomb, was very poor and humble tomb. GIEMON is asked of the chief priest, the remains of YUKI, Tomb of enshrinement
It was put in. TAMURA couple is palms together toward the grave, their is a SHIZU, that raise with the responsibility, and promised to YUKI. GIEMON the priest on the way back, he Tomb of enshrinement
Once you have proposed and want to renovated, chief priest also told me to accept willingly. Tomb of enshrinement
Spring (subsoil water) was flowing out to the side. Renovated Tomb of enshrinement
Around, it built a pond drawn spring water. Tomb of enshrinement
Next to the, build the epitaph, it increments the name of the YUKI UCHIYAMA First, chopped all of the deceased name that is burial. GIEMON is non-denominational, from before, had doubts about the posthumous name. Priest, as you carve a posthumous name to epitaph, but insisted, in the aggressive intention of GIEMON, was supposed to carve the only this world of common name. Moreover, GIEMON also declined chanting of the priest, of other religions, was also rejected worship of the clergy. Tomb of enshrinement
It is, in the precincts, was finished in the most splendid tomb. After two months, ask the chief priest, Tomb of enshrinement
Only the eye-opening memorial service, conducted in chanting, including SHIZU of Baby, TAMURA family all were attended. And every year equinoctial week, is to visit the shrine visited the tomb, became annual events of TAMURA family.
What time of day, to the grave of Shimizu of the pond, fireflies came to settle. It becomes a neighborhood of reputation, is referred to as the tomb of the firefly, it became a summer tradition. Gradually, from local, appeared who wish to Crypt, have to pay to the temple the burial fee, it was readily accepted by anyone, regardless of sect.
SHIZU is about five years old one day, come holding a thin black hair of the puppy (CUR), asked him to keep in TAKI. Yet, GIEMON not go home is, TAKI is, say that you heard from after, the time being, put the crates in the front door, put the puppy in it, gave the milk. SHIZU continued to stare at the puppy at the door, under even, was waiting for the return of GIEMON. Evening, GIEMON came home. SHIZU asked that keep the puppy immediately, to GIEMON. GIEMON a little, but at intervals, and I note that you buy. SHIZU is joy jumped, with embracing in GIEMON. GIEMON is, from the previous, because their house is too large, not come children, increasingly, there is no kindergarten in this town, that can not be a friend to SHIZU, had felt. Of GIEMON, it was a manifestation of the desire to SHIZU. Puppy in the male dog, BLACK and SHIZU was named. Twelve months was one day, this time, holding a puppy (stray dog) was a cream-colored, SHIZU came back. "BLACK, because poor alone, of BLACK, brought bride. The name WHITE" say that, even if also, begged that keep. Even people, that day, GIEMON had taken a holiday. Lost to claims SHIZU, he promised that GIEMON is keep. Young SHIZU is, did not know the gender of WHITE, with a determination to GIEMON. WHITE is a bitch, and qualification of the bride of BLACK there, taught SHIZU. After a while, SHIZU is hugging WHITE, and said, I came into the room of GIEMON. If you look is "in BLACK of the bride, makeup and of was raised. Lipstick probably clean" GIEMON, to around the mouth of WHITE, there was painted a red crayon. His face, was a puppy of the clown in a round. GIEMON said, "You're beautiful" and a good laugh. The boundary of keep a puppy, until now, SHIZU who was lying and TAMURA married couple, apart from the TAMURA couple, came to sleep along with the puppy. However, when it comes lonely, the futon of TAMURA couples and TAKI, came sunk. At the same time, the two dogs puppy, come sunk, is in the futon, it was tough in the sellout crowd.
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Entrance ceremony of SHIZU is finally tomorrow. ASAKO and TAKI is tossed in the joy and feeling of anxiety, however, was moving busily. Sliding door of TAMURA couple of bedroom, quietly open without making a sound. The came was a BLACK and WHITE. The room, Formalwear of GIEMON wear to tomorrow's entrance ceremony is, the upper half of the body of the mannequin, had been hanging. BLACK and WHITE for a while beat, took jump on him mannequin. And the suspicious man, but as a mistake. Two dogs were biting in ceremonial dress. The robe is a big hole, two places, had opened. SHIZU is, aware of the sound in the TAMURA couple of the bedroom, it came in. SHIZU saw the robe, was stunned. Hurry, brought the colored paper and glue from my room. Out of colored paper, black and dark blue is taken out, stuck in the glue into the hole of the robe, again, he was dressed in ceremonial dress on mannequin. ASAKO and TAKI is, because it was moving too busy in the kitchen, in this event, I did not notice at all. ening, GIEMON came back from the company by car. Always for change of clothes as of, along with the ASAKO, she went into their bedroom. They look at the mannequin, was flabbergasted. I called the SHIZU not Tsukasa. SHIZU is, came to take the BLACK and WHITE. Say twice as "Go-sorry sorry", also wearing a jaw on the floor two dogs, had been hanging UNA. Soon, ASAKO has been phone to costumer shop in the city, already, because it was past closing time, did not lead anywhere and is also. Then GIEMON is, as to call the subordinates of the company to ASAKO, were instructed. At the time, the phone is not yet widespread, the person who owns the phone even among subordinates , was less. Summary, connect with one of the men, the consent of that rent the robe. The next morning, men were bringing the robe. For Petite of GIEMON, his men, was big. Trousers, but was in time in GIEMON own formalwear, outerwear, only wear the subordinates of things, the operator did not. GIEMON is, I tried to wear the robe, with a round, the way was dressed adult clothes to children, was a cartoon chic appearance. ASAKO and TAKI was spouting involuntarily. The next day, ASAKO has been dressed in a kimono, GIEMON is reluctantly, wearing a subordinate of the robe, I went to the entrance ceremony. In the entrance ceremony, everyone in the line of sight is gathered in GIEMON. Is ASAKO in the car the way back, a look at again GIEMON, that bear the laughter, but could not, GIEMON is from beginning to end, it was moody. On the other hand, SHIZU had yearning in the afterglow of the entrance ceremony. Taking GIEMON, it was the worst of the day. After a few days, to GIEMON the popularity is there, than the elementary school principal, there is a request of the PTA president took office, GIEMON was also accepted. 1
Every day when the SHIZU begin attending elementary school, BLACK and WHITE is, barking at the time of waking up, licking the face of SHIZU, has come. The SHIZU at the time of school, going to send the SHIZU until the school gate of the elementary school, at the time of home from school had been waiting at the school gate. And, to return home with SHIZU has become a daily routine of BLACK and WHITE. One day, elderly man on the street is, I asked the way to SHIZU. BLACK and WHITE is, drove off to intimidate the men. Two dogs in circles, it was like a body guard of SHIZU.
SHIZU is in the period from became the elementary school, lunch of TAMURA family became two. Lunch GIEMON was the common ones, but lunch of SHIZU daily kyaraben (creative lunch box), time and effort is applied. At the time of the lunch is, the mainstream cuisine to lunch of pickled plum in the middle of the rice, kyaraben was not apparent at all. But, it is, to SHIZU you can poke your eye, ASAKO and TAKI was love lunch made.
Seating arrangements of the class is, as determined by the Japanese syllabary. Next to the SHIZU TAMURA, of the same data line, say SUMIKO TAKEI, the girl was sitting. Her stature same as SHIZU, but the color of the skin is a thin black, it was as thin as a dime.
The usual way, rang the bell of lunch time. SHIZU opened the kyaraben. Lunch of SUMIKO next door, went into the eye. It was a poor thing of white rice ball one and Takuwan two. SUMIKO is likely to slowly eat delicious, when you are finished eating, it had been neatly licked dry their own lunch box. After a few days, SHIZU is, SUMIKO to lunch time, to be no longer stay the day there, I noticed. SHIZU looked for SUMIKO. SUMIKO in the schoolyard of the water fountain, was drinking the water. It was like that healing the hungry with water. The hand, was brought out from the rabbit hut of the school, one of the greens it is, had left. In addition to the greens, there was a trace of SUMIKO was biting. When SHIZU hear, "What happened?", "Today, YACHAN is, because the day you bring your lunch, I have a lunch that does not," said SUMIKO answered. Lunch dream of, I saw always, really was delicious, and thank you SHIZU-chan ", SUMIKO said. "SUMICHAN, it marked with ketchup on the nose of the head!" And say, two people were Waraikoke. SUMIKO of the family, the parents that, which is a five family (ROKUROU TAKEI · NANAKO child) and SUMIKO twin brother (YASUZOU) a four-year-old younger sister (MOMOKO), family is a poor, also daily lunch two minutes is not able to make, it was also heard that bring alternately and brother. In the eyes of SHIZU, tears shining. SHIZU is hurry, return to the classroom, brought their own kyaraben. "SUMICHAN, this, eat'm nice to" say that, held out kyaraben. SUMIKO heard in SHIZU as if to make sure "true! True! Really!". SHIZU shook his head in a vertical. Eat such as kyaraben is, It was the first time for the SUMIKO, that day, SUMIKO is not to eat even breakfast, I was hungry. SUMIKO is, the kyaraben of SHIZU, ate all. SUMIKO was noticed that there is no eating of SHIZU child minute. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," SUMIKO apologized. SHIZU "It all right," smiled gently. "I, of SHIZU chan,
Lunch dream of, I saw always, really was delicious, and thank you SHIZU-chan ", SUMIKO said. "SUMICHAN, it marked with ketchup on the nose of the head!" And say, two people was a good laugh. SUMIKO of the family, the parents that, which is a five family (ROKUROU TAKEI · NANAKO child) and SUMIKO twin brother (YASUZOU) a four-year-old younger sister (MOMOKO), family is a poor, also daily lunch two minutes is not able to make, it was also heard that bring alternately and brother. The brother of YASUZOU also in the same grade class was separately. Since then, three people are always in the schoolyard, and kyaraben, will be like to eat separately white rice ball one of with pickled radish, SHIZU and SUMIKO and YASUZOU became a large best friend.
April also entered the second half, ASAKO and TAKI the behavior of SHIZU is, had become a concern. Previously, the SHIZU of kyaraben there was a leftover little, recently ate, the lunch box, one of the grounds there was no. Soku and SHIZU the home than ever in it, says "was hungry", requested a snack. ASAKO and TAKI is considered prime eat SHIZU, but to increase the kyaraben, the result was the same. ASAKO and TAKI'm suspicious, TAKI was travel to school. And I met a teacher of teachers, with three people, was aware of the fact that each other eat lunch. ASAKO and TAKI urged so as to invite SUMIKO and YASUZOU home to SHIZU. And, increase two the number of kyaraben, was also promised to be in the three servings. SHIZU's jumped for joy. House of TAKEI siblings, even in the same school district is the home of SHIZU, starting from the school, because it was the right and left the opposite direction, in the child's foot distance is there. Every day, kyaraben of SHIZU has is SHIZU, kyaraben of SUMIKO and YASUZOU is, BLACK and WHITE is tied to his back, it came to pass in SUMIKO and YASUZOU at the school gate. The next day, SUMIKO and YASUZOU came to play with her MOMOKO sister. All three people, was as thin as a dime. MOMOKO in Down syndrome, was still state the diaper can not be taken. And playing around in the garden, SUMIKO and YASUZOU is after a while, the diaper of MOMOKO, entered the exchange of the diaper that we brought. SHIZU in sight to see the first time, was wide-eyed. But, after one month, SHIZU also in exchange of the diaper of MOMOKO, was supposed to like to participate. Three people undergo initiation of TAKI, it became even as to be diaper washing of MOMOKO. SHIZU is, his old clothes of childhood, has been brought out. In SUMIKO and two people, I began to dress up many times in MOMOKO. The SHIZU dress of MOMOKO is, seemed to like that take care of the doll. Since that time the Baby of SHIZU, after a long time in the garden of TAMURA house, laundry diapers were dancing in the wind. At the same time GIEMON also, with or aligned to buy a children's play equipment, Japanese garden of TAMURA house is, began to turn into an angel of the garden. And without waiting for the time, NANAKO mother of TAKEI brother and sister, have asked to TAMURA house in Ginzo clothing. NANAKO is, their own children to TAMURA family, than being bother? I was worried. ASAKO is saying, "Since the SHIZU are also very pleased, okay", it was attributed the NANAKO. NANAKO also went home with relief. One day, TAKI is, the leftovers of the meal, a state in which the throw away in the trash, YASUZOU had seen. YASUZOU, make sure TAKI is leave of, was taken out of a certain towel to the waist belt. From the trash, it tied wrapped leftovers to the towel. Evening, brother and sister were trying to go home and say hello to TAKI you are in the kitchen. TAKI is, to be there concealed something YASUZOU is behind, I noticed. TAKI is, the things that are hidden, but were instructed to way out in front, YASUZOU refused. TAKI is, if forcibly pulled the hand of YASUZOU, melts tied the package of the towel, were scattered on the grass. It was picked up from the trash, it was leftovers. YASUZOU was wrong with the "sorry" to the TAKI. TAKI is "not wait" to say, wash the towel in the kitchen, the food eaten hanging there was in the kitchen, passed to YASUZOU wrapped in towel. Brother and sister say "sorry, thank you", went back happily. TAKI is, tomorrow morning, the leftovers were scattered in front of the lawn of the kitchen, it was to be cleaned. The next morning, I called the TAKI SHIZU is loud. Number sparrows and pigeons, the scattered leftovers in front of the lawn of the kitchen, was in 啄 edition. SHIZU was a series of "sparrow's cute-pigeon's cute." Since then, provided the feeding grounds of the leftover food in TAMURA house, it became a place where birds gather. As the days passed, the birds are, 啄 Bhandari food from the hands of SHIZU, will be like to chillin stop to the head and shoulders, birds of the gesture, the children also extends to GIEMON · ASAKO · TAKI than the original I.
. From the start to make a kyaraben of the three persons, was that of a few weeks-old one day. GIEMON is at noon, I opened the lunch box in the company. It was kyaraben of SHIZU. Women's clerk as "president, cute lunch box", was ridicule. That day, I came back is SHIZU "one of today's lunch, I was very painful. But three people in, I ate all," said the ASAKO. Mistook a box lunch of GIEMON and SHIZU, was the handiwork of ASAKO of Pert fellow. Evening, ASAKO is "today, the wrong lunch, sorry please" to GIEMON and, wrong. "It good to even, was delicious, lunch of SHIZU luxury Bookshelf" and, GIEMON was returned laughing.
Autumn athletic meet began. GIEMON of PTA chairman, in the tent, was sitting on the head table. ASAKO and TAKI was encamped Choose a location to be in the shade. It was purchased TAKEI family to the camp next. In greeting the guest of honor, GIEMON of PTA chairman, stood on the Dan. Admission "chairman, Formalwear today, I! Was in time" event from parents to remember in the equation, flew jeers. Venue has become one color with laughter. GIEMON is "today, all right," "in the entrance ceremony is, to everyone, very, worry and have you over," I grabbed the collar of the robe and, returned lightly. Venue, wrapped in laughter. Greeting is "student of you, dad, mom today, because there are watching the teacher, the teacher does not anger. So, the teacher I do not have fear. Enjoy please," say, was a short greeting of jokes mingled It was. Athletic meet, began with a peaceful atmosphere. It became a lunch time. GIEMON from the guest of honor's seat, came back. Cuisine of TAMURA family was the luxurious cuisine ASAKO and TAKI is made from last night. Lunch of TAKEI family next door, example as described, was the white rice ball and radish, the amount was a little more. ASAKO and TAKI is, I think that of TAKEI family, had to bring cook of many eyes. ASAKO and TAKI is, their own cuisine, was imparted to TAKEI family. TAKEI couple first, but was not allowed to say that "we will graces your words", I began to eat at all. MOMOKO is "delicious, delicious", was continuous. ASAKO and TAKI had yearned to satisfaction looking the sight. The end time of the lunch, became a time a hundred meter dash by parents. GIEMON from TAMURA family is challenged is ROKUROU from TAKEI family. Start of blank shot rang. The result is first place is ROKUROU, been quite detached, GIEMON was the lowest. In the GIEMON and ROKUROU, there is age difference of about parent and child, the difference in physical strength, was Rekizen. Let alone ROKUROU is a day labor laborers of road construction, it had a tanned and tough body. Finished the race, GIEMON and ROKUROU, have returned to the camp of each of the family. TAKEI siblings ecstatic, on the other hand, SHIZU had sunk. In the period in it, GIEMON is Takeshi intensive training to stop Wochi one hand in the garden of the company, impressive, it won the first place in the one hundred meters race of the following year of the athletic meet. "Grandfather-chan, amazing, amazing" joy how SHIZU was the climax. 2
December 25th, elementary school was a winter break. TAKEI brother and sister came to play from in the morning. SHIZU last night, to SUMIKO bring gifts heard "SUMICHAN is, what I got? From Santa Claus." SUMIKO The "Santa's something, I do not come!", Say, went back to like run away with the brother and sister. That night, SHIZU "in how the place of SUMICHAN and is not a come Santa Claus is?" To GIEMON and heard. GIEMON is In between "Santa is busy because going to a lot of the children place, also at the SUMICHAN, okay sure to come," he said. The next day, GIEMON in the house of TAKEI family, were carried out. The house, now also broken likely, was a poor house. I viewed talked to the couple. ROKUROU father, at the day labor laborers of road construction, there is no work every day, but the mother of NANAKO has a side job at home, charge for one's labor was a story that it paltry thing. Their two people both, not go to school at the youngest child, to read the characters, it was also talk that can not be calculated. After a while, GIEMON opened the mouth. Toward the ROKUROU and "If working in my company?", Said. "I study is not, okay?" ROKUROU is and, she said. And "okay, it's easy because they work in the factory", GIEMON said. ROKUROU The "Thank you Thank you," again and again said, had put his head on the floor. A "from the New Year of four days, should the office because the company is beginning", GIEMON says, went out to the poor house of the table. Voice call of GIEMON was heard from the table. When ROKUROU go out to the table, GIEMON opened the car trunk, handed the toy of three of paper wrapped in ROKUROU. "Tonight, as unnoticed, should be placed on the bedside of children" and, say, went away riding in the car. ROKUROU the car from behind, had hands in prayer your head down. The next day, TAKEI brother and sister are each visited in hand toys. "Last night, I came Santa Claus!" In the rollicking, was one day.
Bells on New Year's Eve had been sounded. BLACK and WHITE is, had growled to hear the sound of the bell. As if GIEMON preach "people, 108 of bad conduct that'm that there ... this year of bad conduct, and go! Flying, say 108 times, I he has hit the bell," said ,Said. SHIZU is a little thinking "is Grandma?" "Grandfather-chan, it was that? Bad" and "Mr. TAKI is?", Was heard. GIEMON is "when you make your cuisine, and your salt, sugar had wanted between differences the", "in the old man chan road, piss, had been" ASAKO and, I say, SHIZU is "grandma is still I have. the lunch of the grandfather-chan, you'll make a mistake with my lunch with ", he said. SHIZU being "Mr. TAKI is", says, TAKI is "evening, laundry, was to forget to take," said, was the answer. And ASAKO is "SHIZU is?", And ask, thinking twenty-three minutes, "when the Well-Well ... entrance ceremony, the jacket of the grandfather-chan, was drilled" SHIZU and, answered. To hear it, I was spouting these three men.
I greeted the New Year. TAMURA family of no faith, not go to the New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine, at his home in Front gate, to principal rafter toward the sunrise, of every year, was a custom. The TAMURA house than New Year's Day, guests who come to the beginning of the year greeting, did not extinct. To SHIZU Some of the visitors, but there was also those who pass a large amount of your annual ball in SHIZU, your year ball of GIEMON · ASAKO · TAKI is, compared to our annual ball of the visitors, was a small coin. Your year ball other than GIEMON · ASAKO · TAKI is, in large part, Luggage is GIEMON, and savings to the post office in the name of SHIZU. It was a thought that is based on saving principle of GIEMON. TAKEI family is with her children, she appeared in the New Year greetings. Clothes of siblings, slightly more than usual since the New Year, was neat. GIEMON · ASAKO · TAKI is passed your year ball to the brother and sister, but as well as the SHIZU, was a small coin. But, the three men to of our first time year ball, was delighted. ROKUROU only coin of your year ball to pass to SHIZU is, I came prepared. ROKUROU is "so you go to work from four days, thank you" to say, TAKEI family went back.
From ROKUROU began working, lunch of white rice ball and pickled radish of TAKEI brother and sister is, but changed to two daily, three people in the schoolyard, spectacle eating snuggled did not change.
Was that of the spring equinox. As in previous years, Tomb of enshrinement
Was worship in TAMURA family everyone. GIEMON on the way home was stopped in the cafeteria when the road. And are taking the meal, only SHIZU is a small shop in the dining room, I had seen something. SHIZU is, from a small wallet, take out the coin I got in your year ball, "small dad, any four give me" to the clerk, she said. SHIZU, place the coin on the counter, it was a in a glass case, pointing. It is the degree 1cm, was a pendant in the shape of a firefly. The SHIZU, night of the last year of the summer, in GIEMON and two people, Tomb of enshrinement
When I came to, there was a memories was impressed by the firefly. Clerk as "my lamb, I money is insufficient", he said. SHIZU was dripping UNA. The clerk "was found, large service!" And, say, take out the pendant four, from the glass case, passed to SHIZU. SHIZU while skip, went back to the three-person table. GIEMON that was looking at it, "you pay money. How much?" Go to the shop and heard the clerk. The clerk to the Benz "GIEMON It is Mr. TAMURA? Dark blue,Bentu aru ride. In this area, Mr. GIEMON is famous. I of your bag as well, I received by burial in the tomb of the fireflies. Thank you very much. Pendant It is not compatible with the money. and is my gratitude ", saying, in one line, refused to receive the gold. GIEMON a "Thank you", say, returned to the table.
The next day, as an example of, TAKEI brother and sister has come to play. SHIZU "This, my'm souvenir" and, say, subjected to three people of neck pendant, was subjected to his own neck. SUMIKO and looking at the pendant of firefly "cute, thank you", say, YASUZOU the "I, I do not'm a woman, I'm a man, shame Kashii, okay kana?", Say, sister MOMOKO of Down syndrome, was careless It was. At a later date, SUMIKO and MOMOKO is, has been multiplied by the pendant, YASUZOU just did not come over.
Upon entering the second grade, of SHIZU, how to? It became the era. Curiosity was the beginning of a strong era. "How to, but summer is hot, winter is cold that?", "How to, but the sun is round, the moon is made of a crescent-like?", "How to, to pigeon-san fly , Penguin's is not a fly? "," how to? "" was a series of how to? "questions. First, but ASAKO and TAKI had to answer questions of SHIZU, "the grandfather-chan, because most great at home, anything know I have" increasingly the answer is no longer know with, say, shook his answer Auditor at GIEMON . "Grandfather-chan, how to, baby kangaroo san is, I have to stomach of the bag, in WHITE, Are there is no stomach in the bag?" "How to, carts are, for human movement pulling, grandfather car-chan, the move remains grandfather chan was riding? "" how to? "GIEMON is" wait a little will be like at a loss for an answer, because come to think in your room ", say, to your room return answered tease encyclopedia. When you still do not know, "until tomorrow, because thinking" is referred to as, it was around in listening to employees in the company. SHIZU questions, became a study in GIEMON itself. GIEMON itself in is, no matter how much thought, do not know listen to others, the question was also there. "People, but do not kill people, soldiers and how you are, the also good? Killing people," "how to, to Buddha and Kannon'm wearing a kimono, museums, your doll and painting, are naked? "
When I SHIZU became third grade, summary, in BLACK and WHITE, it was born a two puppies male and female. Color Both animals were gray. Than before, of Kaga clan Meishu, is GIEMON had been respected TOSHIIE MAEDA, was named MATHU to TOSHIIE · female dog male dog. However, TOSHIIE male puppy, at the time of school of SHIZU, chasing the BLACK and WHITE, run over by a three-wheeled truck died without waiting for the one year old. Mother Dog WHITE is, many times shaking the body of TOSHIIE in the head, "happening, happening" in sad cries and, was one of as saying. That day, SHIZU also not stop the tears, I took the day off to elementary school. At a later date, in order to Crypt the TOSHIIE, and BLACK and WHITE of the parent dogs, also MATHU puppy, an attempt to accompany, TAMURA family was thinking. However, the day of the burial, also called a number of times, I could not find the sight of dogs. The four people reluctantly, I opened the car door, is already three little, was waiting to ride in the seat. The remains of TOSHIIE, Tomb of enshrinement
When you try to Crypt in, it came out priest "is here because it is a human tomb, animal burial is trouble!" And, I was told. GIEMON The "human beings and animals also a same life!", Insisted, was Tsuppane claims of priest. The threatening attitude of GIEMON, chief priest was scare off surprised. BLACK and WHITE was howling toward the tombstone. It is a permanent parting of the puppy · TOSHIIE, it was like that is spared. Tears shone in the eyes of SHIZU. On the other day of the cafeteria on the way back, we stopped. SHIZU is "small dad, this before Thank you," said, he said. The clerk and the "Hello" to SHIZU, say, was nod raised lightly hand. GIEMON is a shop of the dining room, it was purchased a drawing paper-sized photos of went into the forehead. It is, in the evening summer, are dancing swarming fireflies, Tomb of enshrinement
It was a photo. GIEMON is the photo, decorated home of the drawing room. It was like the altar of TAMURA family.
Time elementary school also was made in the second half, GIEMON is a playful, at the time of school of SHIZU, BLACK and WHITE is, the lunch box of cloth that was there and tied in the back, instead of the arabesque, the head wound towel of Mameshibori . First, the dogs are, the towel of Mameshibori, had been reluctant, and adapt quickly. BLACK and WHITE, the branch office is in this town, caught the eye of the reporter for a national newspaper. Before Kazu Daito war, dark, it was a heavy era. Of Coso mud style, bright article of lunch notification dog, spread across the country in the blink of an eye. Also from other companies, the request of the coverage has been flooded. GIEMON of the idea man, the children's shirt embroidered BLACK and WHITE, sold not made in-house sewing factory. At the time, character-filled product, with little era, Koso mud style of shirt, sold like hot cakes. Was flooded with orders from all over the country, it was about is not arrived chase production. GIEMON began also related goodies of BLACK and WHITE, performance of the company was rapid promotion. 3
Time SHIZU is a junior high school student, WHITE is, BLACK in the following year, he traveled to the original paradise of TOSHIIE of old age. Both dogs were restful last. Of course, the two animals are Tomb of enshrinement
It was buried in. GIEMON in the president's office, decoration of Coso mud style, pictures of BLACK and WHITE, to contribute to the company, showed their appreciation. In BLACK died year, MATHU gave birth to puppies of one animal of yellow. MATHU also inherited major role in the transfer of SHIZU from BLACK · WHITE, and, in the puppy of child-rearing, it was busy. Now SHIZU is, and KINAKO the puppy, named.
One day, YASUZOU is, was walking down the corridor of the junior high school. In the back of the corridor, five of the school's evil brat is, standing in front of the SHIZU, it had been clogged. YASUZOU is "you guys, what do I have!" Saw it and, yelled to five people. Five people are consuming attack in YASUZOU, it was YASUZOU beaten up. Tsukasa not, YASUZOU was also to compete in the five-to-one, win did not. YASUZOU was wounded in the face and arms. SHIZU The "YACHAN, thank you," "scratch, hurt?", Say, the face and arms of YASUZOU, was holding in his handkerchief. The handkerchief, blurred blood. YASUZOU The "all right", was the answer. Came in teachers jumping, YASUZOU for wounds are taken to the infirmary, SHIZU was also accompanied. "YACHAN, painful?" And, anxiously, SHIZU said. And "a little", YASUZOU replied. SHIZU is "You, and your grandfather, your Auntie only not. Would foundling" and, that has been reviled in five people, talked to teachers and YASUZOU. On the other hand, five of evil brat is, from the teacher in the staff room, was strongly preaching. SHIZU is faded loveliness of childhood, gradually, beauty has been increased. It is, in the beauty of the mother · YUKI, it was as if coming similar. When it comes to around junior high school students, YASUZOU is, the pale love to SHIZU, had become like embrace. But, YASUZOU is, only one close friend of his childhood friend from the old days, was taken to SHIZU.
Up close to junior high school graduation of SHIZU, a large accident happened in TAMURA family. GIEMON is, at the time of returning home, in waiting for a red light signal, when I stopped, have been rear-end collision in the heavy-duty truck of the military. GIEMON car in recoil, crashed into a utility pole face-to-face, GIEMON the right foot, suffered a complex fracture, a serious injury. Rear-end collision and despite, the soldier was driving a truck is not recognized a non-, claimed their legitimacy. At the time, that against the military, was a time not allowed. GIEMON severe, without crutches is no longer able to walk, is the only hobby, became the body that can not even drive a car. Result GIEMON is, junior high school and graduation ceremony of SHIZU, the entrance ceremony of the girls' school, was abandoned to attend. GIEMON is hard, brought up was, graduation ceremony and cute SHIZU of junior high school, the entrance ceremony of the girls' school, I wanted to attend. GIEMON of the car, because it was robust German car, wreck of the car due to the accident was avoided. After that, the car left in the garage of TAMURA house, the round-trip to the company of GIEMON, relied on rickshaw.
A certain day of a week later, ROKUROU the president's office of the company, since he joined, was the first time appeared. GIEMON was sitting on the seat of the president. The amount you are hanging on the back wall of GIEMON is, the eyes of ROKUROU. Please look at the top [in the vertical writing. People who are working hard than you are, you have full. Please look at the bottom. Poor people than you, you have full. If you can see both, you are a man is], written, had subsided to the forehead. It was a fundamental principle of GIEMON. ROKUROU to its words, received a strong impression, was also engraved in mind. ROKUROU is, he the driver of GIEMON, that you want to be, begged. "Learning is not, but takes a driver's license to study hard, want to be a driver is a leg of the president," said he said. At a later date, ROKUROU get a driver's license, sunny, the driver of the president exclusive was realized.
SHIZU is go to the girls' school, SUMIKO and YASUZOU in Junior High, scattered in the workplace of each, began working. Beauty of SHIZU is increasingly dull, it became the reputation in the town. TAKEI siblings, and start working in each of the workplace, frequency of visits to TAMURA house went decreased. SHIZU is, three months as passed was one day entered the girls' school, GIEMON is, came back to take the same position of the girl of old and SHIZU. GIEMON is "from today, is working to get it's SATO.-Year-old home, one older SHIZU, seventeen-year-old" and, say, to ASAKO and TAKI and SHIZU, introduced the SATO. And "Thank you", SATO said. It is, TAKEI brother and sister is, in each of the job, to keep away from him than TAMURA house, to get lonely SHIZU, was attentive GIEMON. SHIZU and SATO is the same age, immediately, two people were hit it off. TAMURA house of the family, became five. Took over the major role from BLACK · WHITE, pick-up due to MATHU, the way to and from school of SHIZU becomes the bus to school, up to the bus stop for getting on and off, was changed to the pick-up.
The time the semester has passed, between the city's boys' school, that of the good looks of SHIZU is, was there become a hot topic. At the time, coeducational school was almost no. In certain girls' school, it is so terrible beauty is present. In front of the girls 'school of the school gate and TAMURA house of SHIZU, to ambush, male students who come to see the SHIZU, in the, brought out the parent of the twin-lens reflex camera, come to take pictures of SHIZU, the boys' school students also appeared. One of the male students, and want to his treasure, the request of the shooting, responded with SHIZU also friendly smile. The TAMURA house, letters of correspondence request from the boys' school students, came to come many. GIEMON is nervous men and women dating, letter to all incinerated, if you decided to go to pick up TAKI, to the bus stop, was a little subsided. At that time, still, men and women dating before marriage, was unscrupulous era. But, SHIZU, which was longing for the city's boys 'school students, on the other hand, some of the students of Girls' School of SHIZU is, was there also those who envy the SHIZU.
SHIZU is at seventeen years of age, girls' school was the middle of summer. SHIZU is one person, Tomb of enshrinement
I had before. Morning ride the train from, they had arrived in, was when I was around the noon. To GIEMON from previous, Tomb of enshrinement
Someone went to the there, but I've heard many times, I did not get to tell. I asked the priest at the entrance of the temple. Priest "in the children you have Mr. GIEMON picked up, in the grave, your mother will stay is burial. Career of the mother is, not you know," he said, said of the first that have been engraved on the "epitaph common name but, of you, it is the name of the mother and "was told. Epitaph went to see. And the first to YUKI UCHIYAMA of epitaph, had been carved. SHIZU was the first time know the name of the biological mother, his upbringing. Dusk came imminent. SHIZU the Tomb of enshrinement
Staring, it was a mom I squatted down. Around here, wrapped in darkness. Fireflies, began to dance. Fireflies, went gradually increase the number. It is, Tomb of enshrinement
And that, it was the soul as that entered into. Morning came. In the cries of Chicken of the nearby farmers, SHIZU awoke. SHIZU overnight, Tomb of enshrinement
I fell asleep in front of. Rising, SHIZU the Tomb of enshrinement
And the hands in prayer, worship in the Tomb of enshrinement
It was after. SHIZU from yesterday, in that you do not eat anything, it was noticed. Stomach was reduced. In front of the station of the food store, I bought a Jamupan cream bread and milk. I got on the train. SHIZU began eating Jamupan cream bread within the train.
On the other hand, in TAMURA house, so I do not see the figure of SHIZU from morning, fuss. Even in the night, SHIZU did not come back. SHIZU until now, such as staying out, I had never even once. GIEMON is the idea, it was but was not found looking for brute force. Great day has passed. The next day in the afternoon, unexpectedly, SHIZU came back. GIEMON was yelled the SHIZU. SHIZU is not saying a word, went to my room, have closed pregnant. GIEMON is, also entered the room of SHIZU, SHIZU suffers a futon from the head, was silent. SATO also worried, but came into the room of SHIZU, reaction was not. That night, Tomb of enshrinement
From the chief priest, containing the phone to the original GIEMON. SHIZU yesterday, and I visited the temple, initially, is YUKI of mother, Tomb of enshrinement
When cineration to, from GIEMON, since the request of hush did not, told that the mother is present entered the tomb in SHIZU. If, I told GIEMON by telephone. GIEMON is, SHIZU is, that knew his upbringing, I realized. The next morning, SHIZU is, had been toying with MATHU · KINAKO and garden, number of units was extremely small.
SHIZU is the day of the equinox from finishing the graduation ceremony of the girls' school, TAMURA family in the operation of ROKUROU, annual street Tomb of enshrinement
I went to. Return home was that night, GIEMON calls the SHIZU in the parlor, black-and-white photo of the biological mother is, pass a diary that is stuck on the back. Diary up blistering five-six books, YUKI is also a letter that I wrote to GIEMON, there was stuck served. And graduated from the "girls' school, SHIZU is the future, an adult of the ranks. This thing or biological mother, because listed in .SHIZU there wrote all of SHIZU is, read even tonight, Put it in a safe place with ", he said. SHIZU is, in the hands of the diary, went back to the room. Cold night in the diary, in the Front gate, from the fact that had been crying SHIZU, such as the story of lipstick WHITE, there was writing all. That night, in the room of SHIZU, the lights continued to light. In the eyes of SHIZU, tears brimming. It was a night that was full of silence. The next morning, SHIZU is toward the three people "grandpa-chan-grandmother · TAKI Mr. Thank you," "grandfather-chan, I, this diary I can continue to write?" And, said. GIEMON The "of course, I say" in SHIZU, he said gently. In the eyes of three people, shiny things there.
From a previous, TAKEI siblings around their is young, me carrying kyaraben, want to visit the tombs of BLACK and WHITE, had the desire. In the company, ROKUROU is "My children, Tomb of enshrinement
Because it wants to go in, and I want it "allowed to use the car, came to say. GIEMON was accepted willingly. By that time, ROKUROU in their own power, small but the house was also newly built.
As soon as SHIZU has graduated from the girls' school, the SHIZU of the owner of the reputation of good looks in the town, marriage story was flooded. GIEMON as a condition of marriage of SHIZU, of TAMURA family successor, ie, wanted someone who will Mukoiri to TAMURA family. And, another disturbing, SHIZU is no blood relationship with their own, but it was a foundling. But, in the Mukoiri, marriage was less. Graduated one year from the past was one day, is awe-inspiring good young man of military uniform claiming to be army lieutenant · MASAYOSI NAKAMURA, it appeared unexpectedly. The visit of strangers, TAMURA family was puzzled. The young man at the front door with the "By all means, please let marry SHIZU-san", said. GIEMON from an earlier, the army that was his to bear the failure, not like was not. That day, I got out anyway outside the front door to the youth. Then every day, visit the youth was followed. Past one week. GIEMON The "What do you think?" To SHIZU, heard. SHIZU The "I interesting people", answered with a small smile. GIEMON is, YOSI of MASAYOSI is, of their GIEMON and GI (YOSI), one character, the same thing, had been well care. The name of his successor, seemed as precise. GIEMON is, decided to meet with youth. It raised the youth in the parlor. TAMURA couple and the young man, was scissors facing up the seat table. As a condition of marriage, whether it is possible to Mukoiri? If, he told the upbringing of SHIZU. "Mukoiri is, because third son of their own are three brothers, all right," said the young man says of "TAMURA couple, Mr. and to feat that nurtured SHIZU, is attached to has been impressed by Mr. .SHIZU of upbringing, completely, and do not care, "the young man said. GIEMON was a while eyes closed. Then open your eyes, "regards the SHIZU, thank you" to the young man said, called the SHIZU had been ahead in the next room. Of two young people, because the chat began, TAMURA couple were away from your desk to refrain.
Next week, the two young Tomb of enshrinement
It was there standing before. SHIZU is "is I abandoned children. Really good that?" To MASAYOSI and, as sure, I heard. MASAYOSI in friendly look, nodded. Two people reported the engagement to the mother · YUKI and dogs with hands clasped in prayer. Temple of the cherry blossoms fall dance, it was a late spring. 4
In the fall of that year, ceremony of marriage of NAKAMURA family · TAMURA family has been celebrated. World in wartime, luxury is the enemy, say, was the age. Even though, GIEMON was thinking of their husband and wife, it's the culmination of the SHIZU. Wedding, gorgeous grand in attendance there were many. TAKEI couple is on both sides of the bride and groom, was there sitting at asked me matchmaker. ROKUROU is, at that time, GIEMON in the most reliable subordinates, it was there and was promoted to senior managing director of one arm of GIEMON. In attendance were TAKEI brother and sister, the figure of YASUZOU did not. SHIZU is, and listen to ROKUROU next to the seat "Now, whereabouts unknown," said, was said. In the guests, the mayor of this town has been greeting. The mayor of the story, and from beginning to end in the long greeting of mercenary election with his track record, attendees had a yawn. Time reception also was approaching in the middle, moderator, began to read a congratulatory telegram. In it, there was a congratulatory telegram of YASUZOU. "SHIZU-chan, congratulations. Kyaraben, we ate in three people. I was delicious .TAMURA family of everyone, Thank you Thank you," said, was written. SHIZU and SUMIKO the chest, was an old feeling of Heated thing. It is, YASUZOU has sent to SHIZU, it became the last of the words of life. YASUZOU even now, I was there with the love to SHIZU. SHIZU took the microphone at the end of the reception. Until now, their own the upbringing that had kept hidden, began to speak in front of the people who attend. To "Andersen fairy tale, called The Little Match Girl, fairy tale is there. Night snowy, girl, and [match'm there How is it? Match?] To the people go by, went over the voice. Match and did not almost sold. [cold], to say the girl match of one, and I put a fire. After a while [cold], says the girl in the match of the two eyes, I put a fire. After a while the [cold], to say the girl three-day match, also, I put a fire. the next morning, on the road, the figure of a girl who constantly breathe suffer snow, there was. the girl, heaven to the parents of the original, on top of the mesa is went. snow, several tens of match of cinders, was stay scattered. I love this fairy tale. An early age, asked the grandmother and TAKI's, gave me to read again and again. I also, in nineteen years before the cold night, was abandoned in front of the gate of TAMURA house. But, grandfather-chan, grandma, TAKI, I what crippled without, me grow up here. Grandfather-chan, do you remember? In elementary school entrance ceremony of thing-athletic meet of things, my why questions, that had been examined in the encyclopedia ..., grandfather-chan, grandma, TAKI san, thank really, really, really thank you, "the eyes of SHIZU is, it was filled with a large grain of tears. Also in the eyes of at the same time GIEMON · ASAKO · TAKI, tears was full. Also from the floor of the attendees, I heard the chorus of sob everyone. It became a bouquet of presentation of the time. SHIZU in advance MASAYOSI "I, want to pass a bouquet of flowers to the three people," referred to as, had also obtained consent of MASAYOSI. First, SHIZU is "It is ill-mannered person, thank you, I will" go to the place of the brothers of MASAYOSI and handed to two people a bouquet of flowers to say. MASAYOSI of parents, when MASAYOSI is in junior high school, passed away one after another. Brother two people, the tuition of MASAYOSI, and spending a hard time, that was put in a military academy, SHIZU had heard from MASAYOSI. Then SHIZU got a bouquet of flowers, was carried out in front of three people of TAMURA family. TAKI rises. And "TAKI san, thank you," and handed a bouquet of flowers to say. ASAKO rises. And "Grandma, thank you," and handed a bouquet of flowers to say. GIEMON of crutches, was not able to stand up. SHIZU is turned behind GIEMON. Ki hug from behind to GIEMON "grandfather-chan, I love. Grandfather-chan, Thank you, Thank you," and, say, was someone with a bouquet of flowers on the chest of GIEMON. From the floor, and sob, I rang the applause of the whole audience. Feast also becomes a full swing, speech from the moderator went. "In this area, the identity of the groom, I think that trying to exposure" for a moment, the venue has subsided. "At the time of dismissal of the girls' school age, Mr. SHIZU guess there is a thing that has been taken by the camera. Here there is a single photo" and, say, the moderator was to hand the photo. It was a photograph of a girls' school era of SHIZU. "I took this photo, I MASAYOSI's groom" MASAYOSI is the embarrassed look, scratched his head. He is, to say that you want to your treasure, was a male student who was taking pictures of SHIZU. SHIZU is surprised, I saw the face of MASAYOSI. GIEMON and ASAKO be surprised, there was commensurate each other's face. "This is, because it is evidence irrefutable, Ms. SHIZU, handing to Place" and, say, pass a photo to SHIZU. Venue was laughter. "Then, the bride and groom, a harmonious love, entrusted with forever, I would like to dance with two people," said, was said. Two people, but I was embarrassed, to mom is said the moderator, danced the waltz. A round, was Cinderella and the prince of the way. Everyone, and blessed in the vortex of applause. However, this waltz is, of two people, such as the first and to become at the end of the last dance, there was no way of knowing two people. On the way back, the mayor came to the place of GIEMON "GIEMON's, today, was full cry and I got. Inspiring. Thank you," and, say, left the venue. Venue to impress, was a wedding.
War situation is made more stringent, government is constantly in public, he continued to conceal the fact. Company of GIEMON is placed under the control of the government, the factory also make a military uniform in munitions factory, it began to transfiguration. Metals are requisitioned to all country, car GIEMON also became the target. MASAYOSI was negotiated with the upper part of the army, but is reviled as unpatriotic, warped MASAYOSI consisted on the results glared at the top. Company also car was also featured in the government GIEMON loses animation, it was like the kappa went up in the hills. GIEMON the maid TAKI and SATO, urged as to return to his hometown. Government, because it was in search of frugality to the public, is such as maid, was a symbol of luxury. Household of TAMURA family also had become increasingly painful. TAKI who had a look at the household account book has been accepted to guess the internal shape of GIEMON, SATO was rejected firmly. After all, TAKI returns to his hometown, only SATO, was supposed to remain in TAMURA house. GIEMON the money and goods as much as possible, passed to TAKI. Big tears were there in everyone's eyes. And "husband-wife · SHIZU-chan, a long time, has become indebted. Thank you", say, TAKI was after the TAMURA house. Of a lonely, lonely TAKI, it was a farewell.
After a while, the original MASAYOSI that had hit the responsibility of the procurement of goods in the country, came the instruction of appointed to the Philippines. At the same time MASAYOSI was promoted to lieutenant. Margin of the appointed time, there was no. In TAMURA family, I was forced to get ready in the Philippines line of MASAYOSI. And, MASAYOSI, along with his men, was riding on the transport ship in the Philippines line. "His Majesty the Emperor, hurray. Empire of Japan, Hurrah" everyone is waving a small flag of the Japanese flag, saw off. It is, became at the end of the farewell of SHIZU and MASAYOSI. SHIZU is, the children of MASAYOSI to stomach, was inn.

Beloved by his wife, I think that this is the last letter. War situation for the Japanese army, increasingly unfavorable, according to now instruction, the people of this country, is the day-to-day to be meaningless to slaughter. Even today, in nominal terms to wipe out resistance molecule, set fire to the town, was then completely destroyed. In this country, the misdeeds of my Japanese army, what to conceal? Yourself in this war, we have a big question. But in his own, that question, there is no courage to confront. Day in and day out, and the helpless myself, to myself going past as the puppet, I feel frustrated. Early, we want to escape from this wrongdoing. Return to Japan, I want to drink the miso soup made of SHIZU. On top of the mat, in the pillow of the knee of SHIZU, I want to sleep soundly. We are in the belly of SHIZU, want to meet their Baby. But, it is a wish, not come true. Maybe, here is my own, I think that the last place. Most want it is peace. The name of the Baby is, man if TAIRA, and a woman if NAGOMI, please naming. Now, you yourself, I want to see also the grandfather chan grandmother · TAKI .· SATO's.

1944 years October fifth day
Imperial Japanese Army lieutenant
In Luzon Island

SHIZU is, was received this letter, was the New Year of 1945 years was also opened year. In a letter after a long time of her husband, day and night without even wipe the tears fall endlessly, read back again and again. And born come Baby, as if I want to tell, to around the stomach to the forthcoming of the last month of pregnancy, we cherish informal Noh play crowded. From government in late January, he microcomputer news of the obituary of MASAYOSI. Short, short couple, was the news of the demise. And MASAYOSI TAMURA death in there, only as specified, was not also noted ranks of lieutenant. Let alone, martyr / martyrdom of the character is not at all, even the description of the whereabouts of the remains and belongings, it was no. SHIZU had a faint hope to the survivors of the husband · MASAYOSI But, in the period in the news, lost its vitality. Moreover, even diet SATO of the maid had made, almost without mouth, was enough impact on the stomach of Baby comes out. The end of dystocia in the next month of February three days, the men's was born. Baby is slightly, but body weight was fewer, was the mother and child are both healthy. Or the meaning of her husband, is the date of birth of the Baby, it was the day of Setsubun of exorcism. Especially, GIEMON · ASAKO the temporary in the obituary of MASAYOSI, was discouraged, joy large and was able heir to TAMURA family, SHIZU also a cuteness of Baby, regained the day by day healthy. Letter Street MASAYOSI, the son was named TAIRA. 5Every day, by the US military, the severity of the air strikes have been increasing. This town, many military installations, since the military airfield was present, of the bombing of B29, became the target. Air raid alarm rang. The night air strikes, was a very indiscriminate
. GIEMON is, the TAIRA and SATO of SHIZU and Baby, hurriedly, but was saved in the DOZOU, their will stick to the mansion, which was built in one generation, it remained in the mansion. Night and day, three people got out from DOZOU. SHIZU is, but paralyzed as appalled out of sight. Home of the wooden building is, a trace without any burned down, was there remained only DOZOU the three people were evacuated. From among the rubble, in a decrepit state, it was found GIEMON · ASAKO and dog MATHU. However, it did not stay only KINAKO. TAMURA couple and their pet dog MATHU had died as snuggle. "Grandfather-chan, wake up. Grandma, wake up", "grandpa-chan, wake up. Grandma, wake up", "grandpa-chan, wake up. Grandma, wake up", "grandpa-chan, I then reply. Grandma, to reply I "" I have to reply grandpa-chan. grandma, and reply by then ", many times, many times, but cried many times, answer was no. What hours would have passed. SHIZU is still, two people of the burnt sore face, stared. I lost a loved one, was a sad, sad farewell SHIZU. TAIRA the back of Baby began to cry. SATO saw two people, a tragic figure, was brought SHIZU to DOZOU. SHIZU gave breast milk to TAIRA et al. TAIRA you have finished drinking, fell asleep. Office of humans, had hit the treatment of people who have death from explosion. Also visited the place of SHIZU. Officials "now, too many is better to you died made, cremation is not too late. Bereaved family also, be witness to cremation is the state that can not be," he said, told SHIZU. Officials, the bodies of GIEMON and ASAKO, was a transport specification, dog MATHU is, there was no sign of being transported. When SHIZU is ask and "It's human beings in the hands full, animals ...", officials were reluctant. And "because it is a rule, and the name of the deceased, please tell me the name of the bereaved family," officials said, she said. SHIZU was taught the name of the GIEMON and ASAKO and their names · Baby. Officials was "prominent GIEMON TAMURA-san? Excuse me. My mother is the original, in GIEMON's factory, was home working. I also, various, we become indebted. Dogs together, cremation and it is not I will ", told me to informal consent.
Ten days position has passed. The other day of officials, visited and brought his mother. His mother was a "president of friendly people. Always, us, that of the employee, priority from person did was. Son to think, to hear that became passed away, alone at least incense, let me up I think that'll let, and I was, "come, he said. Because the son of officials is the lack of goods "Now, your bone of bone urn also that there is a limited number .GIEMON san and ASAKO Mr. and dogs, how to pay the pot together only, could not. and sorry is "deeply to lower the head, was passing one of the bone urn to SHIZU. And GIEMON TAMURA · ASAKO · dog MATHU is on the side of the pot, was written. It is, translation people wrote on their own, it was his attentive. SHIZU refers to Rei, decorated vases in the DOZOU. "Because GIEMON is non-denominational, also bell also incense in the home, not do there" SHIZU is set to, I say, "Well, palms together alone," officials of the mother and, say, the hands in prayer, worship along with the son of the officer put the funeral gift bags in front of the pot on. SHIZU the mother of the officials, was Tsu thanked. SHIZU is, remember the words of "human beings and animals also a same life!" Of GIEMON, one of the urn is and that makes the will of GIEMON, was thinking. SHIZU the mother of the officials, I asked a recent of ROKUROU, came in a surprising story. "TAKEI managing director also executive director wife also, now passed away. Executive Director, it off, which became the guarantor of the acquaintance of the debt, the house of the managing director seems to have been confiscated. It from, the duty room of the factory, your I stay living with a married couple and daughter two people. people I've heard rumors, son, somewhere in this town, is like there. when the air raid, when the managing director that does not stay the [president , I and there is a responsibility to protect the company], together with said wife, - was home when the factory of fire-fighting. After all, received a direct hit to the bomb of B29, seems to have been instantly killed both of them. just before the air strikes , daughter of two people, but seems to have evacuated, daughter our whereabouts is unknown. [Factory, so was there to make a military uniform, the US military aircraft but as is aimed] and, everyone was home to say. But it is what it strange there. There and store it in a public office, in the unidentified and the take-up hand there are no remains, only the remains of Senior Managing your couple, it seems to have gone away. In public office, remains is considered to not be there that meet the theft, the there was a warehouse and store, the key is the case was not a ", told. One after another, SHIZU the sad news that fall has been hurt the heart, safety of SUMIKO and YASUZOU and MOMOKO is, was disturbing. SHIZU is, Tomb of enshrinement of GIEMON and ASAKO and dog MATHU, the bone
To, but I wanted to Crypt, monetary as well, Tomb of enshrinement
Not afford to provide the travel expenses to go to, for a while decided to decorate in the DOZOU.
August 6, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, August ninth day, the atomic bomb was dropped in Nagasaki. From noon of the Emperor in August twenty days, important by the radio, your words there. If, say news reports, was traveling around up the in the country. All the people were going to listen to Gyokuon / broadcasting. People, to listen to the real voice of the Emperor, this Gyokuon / broadcast there was in the first time. It accepted the Potsdam Declaration, was content to admit Japan's defeat. However, the majority of the population, of His Majesty, Gyokuon / and written language of the main thesis is too difficult of broadcasting, can not understand, in an atmosphere of around commentary and of the press, the people there were many who knew the defeat of Japan. August thirty days, the Allied Supreme Commander General MacArthur, was flying to the airfield of this town. The entire nation, the future of their life, was feeling extreme anxiety. The DOZOU of SHIZU radio without any, was not there also through electricity. SHIZU and SATO was aware of the defeat in the extras of the city. SHIZU was home feeling anxiety of life, but in that era of this slaughter was over, I felt a sense of relief.
Pawn shops returnable of SHIZU, daily connecting bite had been followed. Property GIEMON was pooled to DOZOU also, money and goods before the war, are confiscated by the military, the rest of the memorabilia were also made to the state to cause the bottom. SHIZU has inherited a vast fortune from GIEMON, but most are in the land and stock, at the time the goods are missing, the sum of life, did not. Let alone, the plant of the former site of GIEMON had been used in the occupation troops. SHIZU outside of a DOZOU, was pondering at home. SHIZU past about an hour, come in in the DOZOU, multiplied by the voice to SATO. First SHIZU was Ro' of so far, the labor of SATO. Story of their plight, If you stay together even three people is now, that put a hard time just to SATO and, if you only young, with three people, talk that made a living fall, to SATO, the parents of the Shinshu, It urged as return.
SATO is "working me, the food, buy will come," I said many times to say, three people a together of life, begged. From the eyelids of SATO, it had spilled tears for Years muscle. SHIZU, such as that inflict in SATO a hard time one hand, I thought I can not be. SHIZU is, SATO is also not listen to win, all of the money and goods and remaining in DOZOU, even kimono of keepsake of ASAKO, wrapped in wrapping cloth, passed as travel expenses to SATO. After a while, SATO is, in the hands of the wrapping cloth wrapped, stood up. And "Goodbye Mr. .TAIRA has become indebted", out of the said DOZOU, disappeared into the twilight. In the eyes of SHIZU, tears brimming. SHIZU returns to DOZOU, was aged a TAIRA on his back. And "I'm sorry, in heaven, in the processing of the grandfather-chan and grandma, I'll go along with the mom," she said, saying SHIZU the neck of TAIRA, multiplied by both hands. TAIRA a moment, grinned. Look at that smiling face, SHIZU is returned to us, he removed his hands. Time has passed. Today, SHIZU is still, there was nothing in the mouth. A little, TAIRA began to cry. SHIZU is the bad milk of out, was given to the TAIRA et al. And embrace the TAIRA, he had attached to sleep.
From the next day, SHIZU was tossed in looking for a job. But, to be carrying a baby, a place that will hire a SHIZU is, where also was not. I came back to DOZOU. tired. SHIZU is, between people, fell asleep. In the middle of the night, TAIRA is, hungry, I began to cry. SHIZU got up. If you look well, in the doorway of DOZOU, to be there to put something, I noticed. When you hand, it is that should have been passed to the SATO, was a food that contains a wrapping cloth wrapped, in a paper bag. SHIZU the moment is, jumped out in the table DOZOU. And "SATO, SATO, SATO!", SHIZU but kept calling the name of the SATO loud, appearance of SATO was not anywhere. Looking to open the wrapping cloth wrapped, it is a thing that should have been passed to the SATO, there all without hand, was there along with a letter of scribble. [I am the young wife, I had much say a lie. I'm sorry. I the face of the parents, I do not know. I go home does not have. From an early age, we walked and wander the house of relatives. First, the person who was to accompany large-husband of the company, rather than my father, is a person of distant relatives. So I, every day and I got put in TAMURA family, every day that living with young wife and TAIRA kun in DOZOU is, was the happiest. I, in poverty, are accustomed. And everyone of TAMURA family, remember that you have a meal. Eat in the family, it was the first time. Young wife of the wedding, it was very nice. Young wife of the speech, I was impressed. I have cried. From large wife, it gave me to buy clothes. I was happy. Wearing the clothes, one person in front of the mirror, the imitation of the dance of the young wife at the wedding, many times, we have. When changing the TAIRA kun of diapers, it has been multiplied by the pee. TAIRA kun had smiles. So, it was cute. I all right, I'll do my best. Young wife also, do your best for the TAIRA you. Me of such redneck, I am grateful to be had you had warm. Thank you very much. And SATO], was written. SHIZU you have finished reading is, and kindness-pity of the SATO, to yourself SATO, interlaced guilt that counsel as to return to his hometown, tears did not stop.6
And twenty-three days, felt the figure in front of the DOZOU. SHIZU was out in front of DOZOU. There are, claiming TAKESHI KUROKAWA, was there stood a man. YOSHIE wife of TAKESHI is, the ASAKO of TAMURA family in the niece of the children, was the relationship of distant relatives. "It's like looking for a job, but do not come to my place?" And, TAKESHI were able to draw. "Because relatives, when you are in trouble is, the same way we," "because house is together stores and housing, nursing mothers can stay's okay," said, said. Previously, finely financially, the cunning YOSHIE couple and TAMURA family, did not meet warp. The TAKESHI, doctor gold was grasped, such as had escaped the military service, bad rumor, was flowing number. However, SHIZU was the state that lack even in tomorrow's food. SHIZU is, to reluctantly TAKESHI, was to be made to care. The next morning, SHIZU is shouldering the TAIRA, went to the grocery store to engage in the YOSHIE couple. There TETHUYA is, wrapped in a children's bedding, were sleeping. Thin cushion aside, was there put two. SHIZU is, to the cushion, put Mesmerize the TAIRA, multiplied by the jacket that was there and he wore. "Because Mr. SHIZU are having a baby, I raise the breast milk also TETHUYA. In concurrently serve as nanny, hired because he was," she said, YOSHIE said, had entered the back of the shop. Only even out it was a bad mother's milk, but became the result to drink two people of Baby. Fortunately, the store at the grocery store, because always there is a stockpile of milk, two people of Baby it was not made to the hungry. In other words, it began work of nanny concurrently of SHIZU. Products that grocery store is handled, heavier with the man, to the SHIZU of the princess grew up, equivalent, there was under severe work. YOSHIE couple, only lead-out strictly, signs to help the work, there was no. Every day, and the meager wages than TAKESHI, but there was in the day-to-day to get the food, it is also when it stops in the eyes of the YOSHIE, it is to be reduced wages, there was Mom. YOSHIE is my daily life in the beauty of SHIZU, I was there with envy. TAKESHI when absent of YOSHIE is, in SHIZU, or use the color, was touching the body. TAKESHI of the business is, the illegal sale of goods occupation army, to sell shares in the several tens of times of the market price, there was in unscrupulous business to profiteer. In such a business, their own also like are complicit, SHIZU is guilty, I was feeling. Work is the end, from the stop by the public bath, arrived follow in DOZOU, giving the breast milk to TAIRA et al., To the mouth of the diet of Ginzo, it was of a single candle life.
SHIZU is, since started working at the grocery store of YOSHIE couple, on the night that only about one month, suddenly, TAKESHI came asked DOZOU. "Once you lose the now of the work, you're starving it!" Robbed and, the body of forcibly SHIZU threatened. The TAKESHI, hired SHIZU, he underlying motive for the SHIZU to your thing, there from the beginning. TAIRA that was deep sleep at the bedside is, began to cry. After you took the SHIZU, TAKESHI is huddled next to the SHIZU, such as "the future life, take care of two people", talking about the uncertain thing, and after the DOZOU. SHIZU is, from the gap between the roof of DOZOU, the leak moonlight, was watching. In the eyes of SHIZU, in mortification and misery, tears were flowing. When the notice, was deep sleep is TAIRA that was crying until earlier. SHIZU is, every day, to the bone urn containing the GIEMON couple and their pet dog MATHU that palms together, covered with a cover, from the chest of the disturbed clothing, I had been staring take out the letter of MASAYOSI. Two days later, SHIZU in trudge, and attendance to the store of YOSHIE couple. However, the smile from the face of SHIZU was gone. TAKESHI was frequently, seek SHIZU visited DOZOU. While TAKESHI is in a DOZOU is, SHIZU was the way of the doll that has lost vitality. Taking in TAKESHI, unyielding a YOSHIE a lack of ability is, the beautiful SHIZU did not compare. After TAKESHI got home is, SHIZU returns to the usual friendly face, put the TAIRA to both knees, after rereading the letter of MASAYOSI also read many times, inherited from GIEMON, I began to write a diary.
TAIRA is, the night when I was made in a three-year-old, I heard a voice barking from the previous DOZOU of dog. When SHIZU opens the door of DOZOU, yellow dog of one animal is, it came jumped into DOZOU. The dog wagging the tail, licked the face of SHIZU. After a pause, SHIZU is a "KINAKO? Huh KINAKO?", He said. The dog, again with Body to SHIZU, licked the face of SHIZU. Three years, it was a reunion with KINAKO. The next day, SHIZU the YOSHIE, begged that bring together the dog to the workplace. YOSHIE is "recently is a dangerous era, maybe? Consists thief often. Watchdog," but was reluctant and, say was approved reluctantly. KINAKO has been tame for two people use people and SHIZU and TAIRA, did not tame in YOSHIE family. TAIRA has poor compatibility with TETHUYA, TAIRA were often those who play with the courtyard of KINAKO. Also two of the store employees, the rest of the well their lunch, had given to KINAKO.
One day, when the SHIZU is to organize the goods always of like, jeep of a single of the occupation forces, was stopped in front of the store. When SHIZU'll do an eye on the jeep, young Americans of military personnel in the driver's seat, middle-aged Americans of the officer on the passenger seat, in the rear seat, wearing a flashy costume, were the heavy makeup, riding Japanese women on was there. The moment the eyes is in focus with her and SHIZU, she is in his neckerchief to instant, it hid the face. One person, down the middle-aged officer, came into the shop. TAKESHI is down and grovel his head, gave a wad to middle-aged officer. It was the price of the diversion. Middle-aged officers Upon receipt of the money, rode in a jeep. Jeep ran away. SHIZU is, the Japanese woman who was there riding on the earlier of the jeep, I felt that familiar there somewhere. SHIZU had followed a memory. I remembered. She is SATO. In a hurry, SHIZU went over to the outside of the shop. The, it was already not even the shadow of the jeep there. The, it was already not even the shadow of the jeep there. That night, SHIZU in guilt is 悔Ma, could not sleep a wink. Beside, TAIRA and KINAKO had slept together. Even then, at the operation of the young soldier, from time to time, middle-aged officer came to me a gold, SATO did not stay aboard. Wherever date, SHIZU saw SATO, became at the end of the day.
About half a year, it has passed. One copy of the letter had been delivered to DOZOU of SHIZU. It was the international mail from the Philippines. Jose Gonzalez and sender has been specified in the back surface of the envelope. When SHIZU is try to open, in, photos and three pieces, was there contains a letter written in a few sheets of English. If you look to the photograph in hand, one is GIEMON, ASAKO, TAKI, SATO is at the center, and a photo of TAMURA family, which on both sides is reflected is MASAYOSI and SHIZU, the other one, of about 8m size of and such buildings of stone lighthouse, local people, and photography're surrounding, the other one, in the enlarged photograph of the building, and Our Benefactor Mr. Masayoshi Tamura with a letter, there is carved, a total of three it was Photos. And was destroyed by air strikes, Handy SHIZU family photo of, was not there also remains one. SHIZU a while to family photos, had been watched. Show photos to TAIRA, but was told that of each person, young TAIRA was skeptical. Was the face of the family to see for the first time in a long time. SHIZU did not read English. During the war, English as it is the enemy of words, I did not tell most at school. The contents of the letter do not know. SHIZU was lost. One of the measures to the head of SHIZU was enigmatic blende. From time to time, come to the store, you were a young American soldier's of the officer of the driver, you are reading Nowak? Well, me and nod with a smile, because it kindly. And, maybe Nowak also taught SATO of thing? And SHIZU thought. That officer was called Robert, was also remembered.
Day that has passed one day, YOSHIE has instructed the delivery of goods to SHIZU. I thought it was a chance. SHIZU is, went out shouldering the goods to back. SHIZU, after you have finished delivery of the commodity, and headed to the United States of the occupation troops. There is the original, of GIEMON of the factory, but there was at the site, now, occupation forces have been used in the materials of the warehouse. To guard the gates, to hand imitating the jeep driver, it offered a meeting of Robert. The guards had to call in the extension. Robert appeared in after a while smile. First, SHIZU but heard the whereabouts of SATO and "I Do not know I Do not know", said. Then SHIZU takes the letter of Jose Gonzalez, was asked as get read. Robert A "OK · OK", who according to the willing. He is, in a very not good Japanese, I began to read the letter. "I, Japan's address human is .TAMURA lieutenant of Luzon north of the town, because there was writing on the back of the photo, most were understanding. Our town, by the Japanese army of indiscriminate attack , was destroyed. However, [because the Japanese army comes, immediately Escape] TAMURA lieutenant and, with everyone was whirling. Thanks, life of the majority of residents, saved was .TAMURA Lieutenant, our life is a benefactor. at a later date, he is, we decided to have snitch is, is .TAMURA lieutenant that I have discovered in the Japanese army for treason, has been shot dead by the Japanese army. his body was left it was Mom. we are looking at the chance of the Japanese army, was housed the bodies of TAMURA lieutenant. the inner pocket of the dead bodies, two photos there was a. a piece, in a group photo that was enclosed with this letter , name of the person that is reflected in the back is written in the order, the name of the coming birth Baby is, man TAIRA, woman and NAGOMI, there wrote, it had also written the Japanese address. The other one is, in SHIZU's Photos of schoolgirl figure, there was wrote that SHIZU seventeen-year-old in the back. Bodies in our hands, in the hills with views of the sea in the northeast, along with the SHIZU's Photos of schoolgirl figure, was buried. Japan is that's northeast of direction, we thought. At a later date, collected donations of residents, have built a memorial. Memorial monument, the lighthouse was also built in as to serve. Light of the lighthouse, and may in the light of the northeast of Japan's direction, I thought. And Our Benefactor Mr. Masayoshi Tamura in the monument, was carved. Photos of the memorial also, there was enclosed in the letter. Ask the painter of the town, based on the group photo of TAMURA family, they gave me to draw a portrait of TAMURA lieutenant. Painter, gave me drawn by volunteers. The field is now, there to decorate the entrance of the town government office building. TAMURA lieutenant is the benefactor of our life. I am grateful. Robert done reading Thank you "is, and look at the pictures there have enclosed" Mr. Masayoshi Tamura Wonderful ", said while holding the inner corner of the eye, it gave the letter and photographs to SHIZU. SHIZU The "Thank you Thank you" in broken English, said thank you. Robert is a "See you again", says, disappeared in the back of the gate. SHIZU is, letters and photographs, he stowed away carefully in the chest. SHIZU a letter from Jose, MASAYOSI to take photos of the girls' school era of SHIZU, knew that had been wearing. And, when the news of the obituary from the Japanese government, class is deprivation, also did not have described, relic, the remains of martyrdom, was able to understand. Husband, MASAYOSI for the Japanese army, it was a rebel. That night, SHIZU has been told the contents of the letter to TAIRA along with the photo, young TAIRA, was again skeptical. It SHIZU was noted in the diary that he inherited from GIEMON. Then, SHIZU is a look at the fold, often, he told TAIRA et al. 7
When I TAIRA was past the age of five, it received international mail of one copy from the United States. Letter address also sender was also written in Japanese. The sender, and Sato Williams, was written. I tried to open the envelope. And several sheets of letter during the photo had entered two. One eyes. Photograph is a white one-story photo, the handsome photos, and one person boy two people and girls to men and central to women and the left side to the right side, has been reflected is a dog. If you look well, women in maid SATO, men, was Robert jeep driver of the occupation army. The letter [young wife, we have long silence. Enclosed the photo is a picture of my family and the house. Now, I, in the city of Seattle of the American West Coast, Washington State north, you live in residence. This town is the aircraft industry is large town. My husband also, is from quit the army now, you stay working for aircraft-related company. The name of the child that is reflected in the photograph in the John and Daniel and Anna, the dog is Fotal = Firefly. The us and the children, there is no connection of blood. All is adopted. John and Anna is a Japanese brother and sister, when Robert is present stationed in Japan, it picked up. Daniel is Korean. Robert is when it is sending troops to Korea in Korea upheaval, along with the dog stayed suffer embrace is Daniel, was picked up. Children of the name, and I want you to adapt to the early American society, was changed to English names in the intention of Robert. Tomb of enshrinement dog, who built a large-husband
In his honor, and Fotal, I was named. Firefly is not in Firefly, dare, and polarimetric reading Fotal of the Japanese, we call. When I went to KUROKAWA shop in the operation of Robert, I love with the young wife. I was surprised. But, I will be claiming to be himself, could not be. I to Robert, also went to the KUROKAWA shop, "My thing is, do not speak absolutely," he said, I've been hush. Young wife is, in Robert went to the troops, it and I got to read the letter, also of photos of MASAYOSI's monument, I heard from Robert. Robert is so were very impressed. To KUROKAWA shops, when the regular taxi in the jeep, was staying with passenger is Brown lieutenant colonel of the boss of Robert. Back then, I and the Brown lieutenant colonel, was residence dating. But, he would then return to duty leave me, in the United States. In the United States he, is like there was also his wife and children. When I lost hope, that gave me over the voice, now of my husband, is Robert. At the time, he was a first class soldier. He is a very gentle man. Was Mashi also talk about him in large husband. So, I stay impressed. That of my upbringing was also Mashi story. He, sympathy to, told me in tears. One day, in the Robert is urchin (war orphan) was was brought to him the John and Anna "in the troops of the base, because not brought up, SATO's, Please you brought up. Children of child support is , I will pay. I need your help "and, say, in my cheap apartment, we have put the children. Then, he is like a daily, visit my cheap apartment, we have placed the two children and play, money and goods. Robert from After a while has been sending troops to the Korean War. One year position, from past him, took the dog and the waif (war orphan), I came back to my cheap apartment. Is Daniel. Robert, was picked up along with the dog in Korea. "In the future we, have a responsibility, let's raised three children. .SATO's I who have finished military service, married with me go to America," said, said I joy I cried in. Married in a small church of Japan, I came to the United States. Talking with two people, that is not created their own children, I vowed to God. Even now, we are, that of large-husband and Mr. Masayoshi Tamura like, we have respected. Now, SATO is surrounded by family, happy. When I go back to Japan, and I'd like] to meet a young wife and TAIRA kun, it was there written. SHIZU from an earlier, that you do not know the whereabouts of SATO is, because it was disturbing, I was relieved to read the letter.
Now that you have some of the stockpile, SHIZU is, the urn containing the GIEMON couple and their pet dog MATHU, Tomb of enshrinement
I wanted to cineration to. To YOSHIE "Tomb of enshrinement
Since coming to go to, and two days want a break, "When you asked permission, YOSHIE example as described, was reluctant. TAKESHI and "If I went", to SHIZU in addition, it issued a timely help. TAKESHI is, and always go to DOZOU of SHIZU, because there put bone pot, I was feeling uncannily. The next day in the afternoon, SHIZU and TAIRA the Tomb of enshrinement
We arrived at. Cicada cry has been sounded. It was a long time in the grave. Go to the main hall of the temple, multiplied by the voice. Young monk from the back came out. SHIZU The "your priest?", "Now I asked, I am the chief priest. Predecessor last year, and we were "passed away, the answer" predecessor, while there is in the body of the priesthood, and resonance to the idea of Mr. GIEMON, Tomb of enshrinement
In contains. Young only to ..., Is TAMURA-san? With ", he said. SHIZU is "Yes, is the daughter of GIEMON", was the answer. SHIZU is, is also up to the priest, Tomb of enshrinement
I was surprised to be staying on to. Tomb of enshrinement along with the young priest two people
I was standing in front of. SHIZU was again surprised. Tomb of enshrinement
Tombstone what, but there was in front of mom, epitaph and the Crypt-dong has increased, pond around also was there been extended. Looking at the front of the tombstone, there human beings and animals are also carved that it is the same life, the character of the side to GIEMON TAMURA erected, had been carved side by side in lower case. The young priest who was near, SHIZU the "Tomb of enshrinement
Is, do you priest himself was extended? "Said," after the war When asked, while also without, those who say that YASUZOU TAKEI san, brought the two of ashes, we finished the Crypt. Two-three years ago, once again, come to see us [my Tomb of enshrinement in the burden
And you want to expand, offer was there. Chief priest of the predecessor, so became the Crypt sinus also outgrown, to accept the offer, and become this was "with the current of the expanded form, the young priest replied," that way, common name of the remains that were made to you have also, predecessor common name of the chief priest also, there carved in epitaph "said he said. When SHIZU see the epitaph, in addition to the name of the chief priest, and ROKUROU TAKEI · NANAKO TAKEI, there was a name to say. YACHAN is, he came to the burial. When I was there alive, I thought in the moment. SHIZU'm want to see you in YASUZOU, to the young priest, but I heard the whereabouts of YASUZOU "YASUZOU TAKEI-san, because it does not tell me, do not understand," said the young priest replied. The urn containing the GIEMON couple and their pet dog MATHU, finished cinerary, SHIZU and TAIRA and the young priest was hands in prayer, worship at the grave, chanting of the young priest did not. "Recently Tomb of enshrinement
The rumors, spread to the Kanto region, this temple also became famous. If you would like the Crypt, the few hundred bone a year. Summer, people just come to see the fireflies, or you have a lot. Also today, while also without, people of firefly sightseeing is, I think that will come. If there is TAMURA's also time, when we look at firefly, I think that good. With'm beautiful ", say, young priest to the temple of the main temple, went back. SHIZU is, and try to show the firefly to TAIRA et al., It had decided the burial in the summer. Dusk was approaching. Dozens of people, began to gather in the precincts. Gradually firefly it began light. When the neighborhood is shrouded in darkness, the number of light until overwhelmed, was there ballooned. TAIRA is with round eyes, was watching the fantasy of light. In that light, I'm also dogs · TAKEI couple of mother · GIEMON couple · TAMURA family, and I think, SHIZU taught to TAIRA et al. That night, stayed close to the inn. The next morning, two people took the breakfast in the inn, I went to the station. Once upon a time, in front of the station food store SHIZU it is dropping by, the eyes of SHIZU. SHIZU in the food store, bought a Jamupan and cream bread and milk by two, two people boarded the train. It was there in the nostalgic memories of SHIZU.
Around cherry 1952 is in full bloom, TAIRA together with the SHIZU, dived the memories of elementary school gates. Pet dog, also KINAKO accompanied. It was a primary school that SHIZU has passed in childhood. Aligned with cumene, a school uniform and school bag, looking at the TAIRA was wearing, remember the sense of relief, I felt proud to TAIRA. Standing principal in greeting at the schoolyard of the podium, then PTA president stood on the podium. SHIZU is remembered GIEMON of its own entrance ceremony, was laughing with head down. In a lot of freshman, I saw the figure of YOSHIE and TETHUYA. Example As, in garish costumes of nouveau riche principle, was there dressed. SHIZU, in order to not be found in YOSHIE, was at a distance from the YOSHIE. The Kai also without, had had YOSHIE and line-of-sight. YOSHIE is to approach to SHIZU, it began to boast of their own costumes and belongings. It was a pearl to swine. After a while, suddenly stop taking the YOSHIE will speak, the clothes of SHIZU, was there stare doubtfully. Somewhere, voice calling YOSHIE of nouveau riche fellow, was heard. Vibration return, YOSHIE is to those who hear voices, I went away in the trot. The next morning the entrance ceremony, YOSHIE suddenly, came into SHIZU our DOZOU. There in very threatening attitude. SHIZU is, clothes that were worn on the entrance ceremony is, TAKESHI buying in YOSHIE, do not like the YOSHIE, was the clothes that have never through the sleeve. TAKESHI is, taking out his clothes, it was given to SHIZU. SHIZU, the clothes and it was the clothes of YOSHIE, did not quite hear from TAKESHI. Since SHIZU is financially not afford, wearing the clothes I got from TAKESHI reluctantly to the entrance ceremony. A result, cheating of TAKESHI is exposed. YOSHIE is peppered rant swearing in SHIZU, kick beat, was there with a vengeance. YOSHIE is, tear the clothes SHIZU went wearing the entrance ceremony, told the dismissal to SHIZU, and crying, went back. Thereafter, TAKESHI also no longer appear in the DOZOU of SHIZU, source of income SHIZU was completely closed. Store is eliminated gradually, SHIZU is there of remember in hand, kimono and tailoring, the signboard of calligraphy classroom, but stood in front of the site, did not almost revenue obtained. SHIZU gives his own food to TAIRA et al and KINAKO, his only consisted of many day-to-day to spend in the water. TAIRA also gradually, no longer go to school, I was there and spent in DOZOU. KINAKO the daytime, no longer stay from DOZOU, rummage the trash of the town, evening, came to come home to DOZOU. Between SHIZU body see, it went as thin as a dime.
Since there is no KUROKAWA store of work, two months after the one day, SHIZU fell suddenly in DOZOU. Recently, SHIZU was always made to as to the cough. TAIRA is fledgling in a hurry, before, there are things that went with SHIZU, it jumped into the doctor of the town. Again and again, TAIRA begged for help. The town doctor PITA down, When you have finished the examination customer, we accept that you house call. Hurry, TAIRA returns to DOZOU, saw SHIZU. SHIZU was closed eyes. SHIZU, it and of GIEMON family · dogs · TAKEI brother and sister of a young age, that danced with MASAYOSI at the wedding, had been recalled. Thing there was that shining in the eyes of SHIZU. TAIRA is, in extremely debilitating to go SHIZU worry, stroked several times the face of SHIZU. Eyelid, was quietly opened. SHIZU in TAIRA et al., So that lie in their own near, said. It was taken out of the letter of the three links from the chest. SHIZU is as whisper, he began talking. "This is, and the father, and from the people of the Philippines, is a letter from SATO's. Photo also contains. Cupboard diary is there to. It is a treasure of my family. All, you raised to TAIRA. To cherish Please. Once you become an adult, go to the Philippines, and should be met with the father ", saying, he handed a letter. SHIZU is the head and face of TAIRA slept aside, as if to be stored in their own, continued stroked. SHIZU, remove the firefly of the pendant from his neck, it was hung on the neck of TAIRA. "To your bride, this pendant, love should be raised over .TAIRA, TAIRA love ..." is eyelid SHIZU, was closed as of the ebb tide. The hand that had kept stroking was also stopped. From the eye of SHIZU, ray of tears were flowing down. The young eyes TAIRA, tears brimming. Of KINAKO in the table, it was the voice of a sad howl. Of the SHIZU and TAIRA, sad lonely, it was the eternal farewell. 8

On your back.I LOVE YOU (PartⅠ)

On your back.I LOVE YOU (PartⅠ)

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